Coming Up Soon: 10 Superhero Movies

There are a lot of superhero movies. Like, A LOT of superhero movies. So I wanted to take a minute to talk about some of the next year's films that you may have forgotten about. I'm skipping Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2, because - come on - who doesn’t know that those movies are coming out?

Let’s start with…


10. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Forgot we were getting an X-Men movie, huh?

Don’t worry. When it comes out, you can move on, and totally forget you ever saw it. Like Apocalypse. Remember X-Men: Apocalypse? No, you don’t.

This is the first X-Men movie to be directed by series scribe Simon Kinberg, and it will tackle the most beloved X-Men comic of all time. Look, there are maybe three main-series X-Men movies that hold up at all, and with Disney’s upcoming acquisition, I don’t know why we’re still making these movies.

I especially don’t know why we keep making Jennifer Lawrence appear in them. She clearly hates doing them now. Not sure why we need a third feature-length excuse for why she isn’t in the full body makeup she really hates. Let’s just call it now.

Or...We could get the SECOND cinematic depiction of Dark Phoenix. I mean, at least it's pretty much guaranteed to be better than their last crack at it. No Ratner this time.