15 Underrated Justice League Members

The Justice League has had a long list of storied members dating back to the original team, the big seven if you will. But they aren’t the reason I love the League. I love the League so very much, and it’s those underappreciated team members that make me love reading JLA comics. So I wanted to write something to call out those work-a-day leaguers who never get the love they deserve. Here’s to you guys; you kick butt.

15. Zatanna

I almost left Zatanna off the list, because I view her as a full-on Justice Leaguer. Like, if I’m adding to the classic seven, Z is my personal pick for number eight.

Zatanna is the daughter of golden age superhero Zatara, a crime fighting magician during World War II. Zatanna's mother was a member of the Homo Magi, a race of magical human beings. As such, she can weave magical spells on her own.

Her skills work through backwards talking magic, which is fun. She first appeared as a guest star in a bunch of DC Comics, meeting Hawkman, The Atom, Green Lantern, Batman, and the Elongated Man along the way. As such, she wound up helping the Justice League numerous times before she finally officially joined.

She’s been a solid team member ever since, but for now, “No ot eht txen yrtne!”

14. Steel

I have a huge soft spot for the Death of Superman. Like, I know it isn’t super duper well written, but I read it very young, and it has some fun ideas going on in it, especially in the “Reign of” and “Return of” portions.

After Superman died fighting Doomsday, four new heroes took over for him - the cloned teenage Superboy, the alien Eradicator, the evil Cyborg Superman, and John Henry Irons, the man of Steel. John was a weapons engineer working at AmerTek Industries, which sure is an evil sounding name, isn’t it.

But when his weapons started to fall into the hands of street gangs, he took off for Metropolis, where he eventually was saved by Superman. So when Supes died, John built himself a weaponized suit and decided to fight crime in his place.

Yeah, he’s basically Iron Man. Which is sweet. He operated as the tech guy in Morrison’s JLA run for a time, serving an integral part of the team.