Suicide Squad Spinoff Movie Featuring Harley Quinn in the Works!

Suicide Squad, which releases in less than three months, will feature the first live-action cinematic adaptation of the infamous DC Comics character Harley Quinn. But it looks like Warner Bros has even bigger plans for the female supervillain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is developing a Suicide Squad spinoff movie featuring Harley Quinn in a central role!

Margot Robbie, who is playing the character in the August 5 release, will not only reprise her role in the as yet untitled project, but will also serve as a producer. A female scribe is penning the script, but her identity - as well as a lot of other details - is being closely guarded.

But it has been revealed that the project WON’T be a Harley Quinn standalone movie. It will feature a handful of female characters from DC Comics, both heroes and villains.

Apart from Harley Quinn, the project is likely to feature Batgirl andor other DC female characters! Apart from Harley Quinn, the project is likely to feature Batgirl and/or other DC female characters! (Photo Credit - DC Comics)

The outlet has heard the names Batgirl and Birds of Prey in connection with the project. However, the extent of their roles in the movie is still vague. Warner Bros has refrained from commenting.

According to the report, Margot Robbie was “the impetus for the project”. After signing on for the Harley Quinn role, she read a lot of comics as part of her research. In the process, the Aussie actress grew fond of the DC female characters. The writer helped her with project development, and Robbie eventually pitched it to Warner Bros., who couldn’t resist snapping it up.

Even though Harley Quinn was introduced as a sidekick and girlfriend to The Joker, over time she has earned star status with her wacky, fun stories. So, a movie with her in the central role doesn’t seem off the wall.

There are loads of other female characters in DC Comics who could whet a gigantic crowd’s appetite for a big screen venture. And since Warner Bros. had the courage to move ahead with movies like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, they were unlikely to draw back from this one.

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