The Secret History of EVERY Lego Batman Minifigure, Part 4

Welcome back to our long, hard look at the newest wave of Lego Batman minifigures and what they mean in terms of comic book and Batman history. Last time, we covered some villains, some oddities, and some Super Friends. This time, we have more of the same. But we also delve into some non-Batman characters, and I try to find new and different ways to talk about four different vacation-themed Legos. I did not need this headache this week.


11. Swimming Pool Batman w/Dolphin

I won’t use this entire entry to talk about that dolphin that Batman secretly hates. I will not use this entry to discuss the dolphin Batman hates more than he hates The Joker. I will no...Okay, I’m going to talk about that one dolphin that Batman hates.

Fluke the Dolphin is friends with Aquaman in the criminally underrated animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In that series - specifically, in the first episode - Batman describes Fluke as “the most annoying creature in the entire universe”. He also visibly hates this dolphin as much as possible.

But here’s the thing: We’ve seen Batman interact with The Joker in this show. He does not hate THE JOKER as much as he hates this dolphin. Joe Chill, who killed Batman's parents, is the only character in the series who inspires such a degree of anger in Batman angry. This begs the question: What did Fluke DO to earn such enmity?

I never want to know.