Every Comic Book Movie Ever, Reviewed: Part 2

Well, last time I did this was fun! At least partially hellish, because it made me watch AVP 2, but mostly fun.  YOU CAN READ PART ONE RIGHT HERE BY CLICKING. So here we are continuing with my look at every comic book movie ever. Last time, we covered everything from 2 Guns to AVP: Requiem and only had one superhero movie, surprisingly enough. This time it’s about half and half. So let’s get started!


Source: dccomics.com

1. All-Star Superman

All-Star Superman is the first movie on our list to come from the DC Animated Original Movie initiative, which produced some really good (if pretty short) DC animated movies. It’s also our first Superman appearance! So that’s cool! After foiling one of Luthor’s plots, Superman realizes that his body has been overloaded with solar energy and he is dying. So, the film follows what he does with his last months alive.

He tells Lois his secret, he helps Kandor, he has what was supposed to be his final conversation with Lex Luthor. It’s a fantastic movie. In almost every respect. The script is a wonderful adaptation written expertly by master scribe Dwayne McDuffie and the actors are all giving fantastic performances. The only downside is that the animation budget was clearly not as high as it needed to be. It looks fine, but if this was given more money to play with, or if it had been the script to the live action movie, this would easily be the greatest Superman movie of all time.

How Does It Compare To The Comic: look, All-Star Superman is the best Superman comic in the history of the character, so this isn’t as good. But that doesn’t mean it’s not great, because it is. It just doesn’t live up to the immaculate comic it’s based on. But even with its reduced budget and lacking comparability, it still clocks in at the incredibly respectable and recommendable…

...4 out of 5