10 DC Characters Who Deserve TV Shows

So I’ll concede that DC might currently have too many TV shows. And out of those, there’s totally at least one for everybody. I never really liked or had any interest in Arrow or Gotham, but The Flash owns my heart, and I’ve heard good things about Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. But hey, if DC really wanted ANOTHER TV show to add on, I have some suggestions. Some ideas that would make for fun, interesting television shows, to be enjoyed by all. So, without any further ado, here are those potential shows. Feel free to take ‘em, DC, no need to even give me credit.

Source: nerdist.com

10. The Metal Men

I figured I’d throw at least one team on here. And I’ve always had a deep set appreciation for the Metal Men.

Dr. Will Magnus was a roboticist who created a miraculous new technology called the responsometer, a sort of robotic heart/brain that could create unique human personalities. He built six robotic bodies out of six different metals. And so were born The Metal Men.

Gold the egotist, Iron the strong, Lead the dumb but sweet, Mercury the jerk, Tin the cowardly, Platinum the flirtatious, and later on, Copper the one everyone forgets about. So many characters that play off each other perfectly, in unique and interesting ways, aka perfect for TV.

Plus the Metal Men’s whole gimmick of being destroyed and rebuilt all the time is a funny running gag for what would be most assuredly a more humorously toned show. Think of it as a superhero sitcom in its purest form.