10 Bizarre Comic Book Crossovers That Actually Happened

What are crossovers? Well, a crossover can happen in any form of fiction and occurs when two different franchises meet in unlikely scenarios - often due to collaborations between different companies.

Movie examples of crossovers include things like Alien Vs Predator, Freddy Vs Jason and King Kong Vs Godzilla - but the form of media in which most crossovers occur is undoubtedly comic books.

Things like DC and Marvel crossing over are fairly commons. Spider-Man and Superman have met, for example, as have Batman and Wolverine, and countless stories involving characters in the two companies have been published. However, there are countless examples of less likely meet-ups.

This article will list ten of the most unlikely and bizarre crossovers in comic book history!

Archie Meets The Punisher

Archie Meets the Punisher Archie Meets the Punisher

The lovable, red-headed, all-American Archie Andrews - star of the Archie Comics - is an unlikely character to ever cross paths with Marvel's murderous anti-hero vigilante the Punisher, but that's exactly what happened in a 1994 one-shot comic book crossover.

The plot was that the Punisher was tasked with apprehending - but not killing - a drug dealer named Red, who happened to look exactly like Archie. After initially attempting to apprehend Archie, he soon realised his mistake and ended up teaming with the teenager when his girlfriend, Veronica, was kidnapped by the actual Red.

The comic featured cameos from the likes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and made references to the likes of Doctor Strange - and in that sense it was fun - but it was mostly ridiculous nonsense!