Batman Vs Wolverine: Who Wins?

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batman vs wolverine

Batman and Wolverine are two extremely popular and dark, brooding heroes in DC and Marvel comic books respectively. As a result, they are often the subject of debates between fans regarding who would win in a batman vs wolverine fight.

Of course, the pair actually merged to form a single character – Dark Claw – in the Amalgam comic books, which shows how often they are spoken of in the same breath.

With that in mind, we want to know who would win in a batman vs wolverine fight based on consistent showings and based on a straight-up battle without any P.I.S. (plot-induced stupidity) i.e. in a fight in which both characters were going all-out to defeat the other - it's the only way to decide who's the toughest once and for all.

Batman vs Wolverine

So, we're going to give our brief input on the matter (based on the classic depictions of each character (in Batman’s case, that can be any comic book continuity, as he is generally presented at the same consistent level, and 616 Wolverine), but we also want to know what YOU think. That's the key here - we want YOUR opinions about who wins this fight. By all means, read what we have to say, but do comment with your own thoughts in the comments section below!


Neither Batman or Wolverine officially have super-strength as part of their powersets. However, given that they’re comic book characters, they do have a number of feats of strength that would be considered superhuman in the real world – and they are remarkably similar in terms of their strength.

Batman has used his strength to bring moving cars to a halt, he has bench-pressed 1000lbs, he has punched through brick walls, he has snapped trees in half with his punches and he has broken a number of metal objects with his body (handcuffs, guns, motorcycles etc).

Wolverine has thrown huge men several feet across a room, he has carried several grown men at the same time, he has held up an elevator full of people and he has pulled a great white shark out of the sea into a boat. He also obviously walks around with heavy adamantium attached to his entire skeleton at all times.

It’s very hard to split them in terms of strength.

Winner: Tie.


Both Batman and Wolverine can take a hell of a lot more punishment than the average human, but there is a clear winner in terms of who can take the most.

Batman, of course, has the added bonus of his armour. It’s far from invulnerable, but it allows him to tank both physical and energy attacks up to a certain level (for instance, it has protected him from bullets, explosions, tasers, bites and acid). Generally, however, hits from characters with super-strength or any truly powerful energy-based attack will hurt him.

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Wolverine wears no armour – and he does take damage easier than Batman does – but the fact is his healing factor negates it within seconds. Moreover, Wolverine’s adamantium-laced skeleton is indestructible and allows him to absorb a lot more punishment than he otherwise would be able to. He has taken hits from the likes of the Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armour and walked through Omega’s energy beams.

Simply put, Wolverine can take a lot more punishment than Batman.

Winner: Wolverine.


Like with regards to strength, neither Batman or Wolverine officially have super-speed as part of their powerset, but the fact is that they both have highly-enhanced speed in comparison to the average human.

Batman has removed Green Lantern’s power ring so fast that the latter didn’t see it happen, he has outran explosions, he has caught a live grenade and thrown it again before it exploded, he has snatched guns out of criminals’ hands before they could fire them and he has dodged heat vision, speeding cars and bullets (albeit mostly shot from a distance and by using aim-dodging rather than bullet-esque speed).

Wolverine, however, has dodged bullets from point-blank range on countless occasions. He has managed to land punches on super-quick characters like Speed Demon (while they were actually moving fast), he has cut the barrels off guns before the men holding said guns even knew what was happening and he has caught up with a speeding aeroplane, on foot, before it could take off.

It’s actually quite close, but there’s no doubt Wolverine is faster based on feats.

Winner: Wolverine.

Other Powers

Neither Batman or Wolverine have any high-level “powers” per se, but that’s not to say they don’t have other abilities that would be useful in a fight against each other.

In fact, Batman doesn’t have any powers at all. He does, however, have his utility belt and armour, both of which contain a number of gadgets that he could use against Wolverine. For example, he has flash grenades, a tazer, tear gas, batarangs, sonic grenades, goo guns and much, much more.

Wolverine, of course, has his healing factor. Even high-level damage – such as being burnt down to a skeleton – can be healed within moments. He also has his adamantium skeleton, which includes razor-sharp retractable adamantium claws – which means he is virtually indestructible and has the means to cut through almost anything.

Essentially, Batman is a lot more versatile, but it’s questionable as to whether any of his gadgets could do much to Wolverine. Still, Batman takes this round.

Winner: Batman.


Unlike characters such as Superman, neither Batman or Wolverine has a specific weakness (like, say, Kryptonite), but the fact is they are both vulnerable to a number of different kinds of attack.

Both can simply be beaten down with crude physical attacks (such as punches), although it takes a lot more to put Wolverine down than it does Batman.

Both men are also susceptible to mind-control, magic, powerful energy attacks and pretty much any other type of offensive move if it’s of a high-enough level to bypass any durability or resistance they may have.

However, the fact remains that neither man has a specific weakness to speak of, so this particular round is relatively moot.

Winner: Tie.


So who wins in a fight, Batman or Wolverine?

Wolverine would win the fight with Batman. Wolverine is deceptively skilled, has a durability and healing factor that would be too much for Batman to bypass, and his superior speed would likely lead to a Wolverine victory.

The fact is, in terms of their physical attributes, Batman and Wolverine are relatively evenly matched. And don’t get us wrong, if you were to give Batman preparation, he could defeat Wolverine—but that’s not what this article is about.

Wolverine could plough through any of Batman’s attacks with relative ease (yes, even his gadgets) and slice the Dark Knight open. Moreover, Wolverine’s slightly superior speed would allow him to dodge attacks easier, and his healing factor means his endurance is vastly superior to Batman’s

Winner: Wolverine.

What do you think? Does Wolverine beat Batman based on his durability and regenerative healing factor? Or do you have other ideas? Have your say below.

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