10 Best Magicians in Comics

Abra Kadabra! Look, I normally try to time these lists so they coincide with some relevant event, but this time I just wanted to write about magicians. Comic book magicians are cool. And I wanted to rank them. So here we go, buckle in, pick a card, and ready your wands.

Source: superherohype.com

10. Enchantress

(Suicide Squad, DC Comics)

Look, Suicide Squad damaged a lot of actually cool characters, okay? Deadshot and Joker weren’t the only ones it got deeply wrong.

June Moone, alias the Enchantress, is a freelance artist who's been possessed by an evil witch who has the ability to take over her body. Enchantress is deeply powerful, but with a catch. The more powerful Enchantress gets, the more likely she is to go crazy and try to kill everyone.

She’s so dangerous that in the original Suicide Squad, Deadshot’s only job was to shoot her in the face if she got even an ounce out of control. Also - and this is very important - in her first appearance, Enchantress was referred to as the Switcharoo Witcharoo, which is, I am pleased to announce, the single greatest thing ever in the history of anything. No hyperbole. After she served with the Suicide Squad, Enchantress would later shift over to the magic-based super team Shadowpact.

In the post-reboot DCU, June Moone is back with the Suicide Squad, where she's struck up a courtship with Killer Croc, of all people.