10 Best Justice League Teams

The Justice League. The greatest team of heroes on the face of the Earth. But their lineup has shifted dramatically throughout the ages, and I’m here to pick and choose the best lineups and eras from their long and storied careers. So from the heights of space to the streets of Detroit, from the guardianship of Happy Harbor to that of the entire world, both National and International, here they are, The Justice League.

Source: dc.wikia.com

10. Justice League United

Justice League Canada!!!!!!!!!

Okay, they aren’t called that, but they should be, and they were supposed to be. But someone decided that they needed to be the Justice League United, so that's what they became. The team was at least partially composed of holdovers from Steve Trevor’s government action squad version of the Justice League of America. Specifically Stargirl, Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow.

They picked the best team members. Like, that team also had Katana and Catwoman. But who needs them when you have Ollie Queen and friggin’ Stargirl? Stargirl is my favoritest ever. She is the double best.

The new team members included Adam Strange, Animal Man, Mera, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Swamp Thing. That's one hell of a lineup. Seriously, Swamp Thing! Like if your League has Swamp Thing and Green Arrow, you're not just doing something right, you're doing EVERYTHING right.