These little-known Spider-Man villains deserve to be on the big screen

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With the Spider-Man reboot around the corner, ideas wander through our minds and we think of ways in which the MCU could get more exciting. There are some thrilling details about Spider-Man: Homecoming that we already know. We know that Tom Holland will start what is meant to be a series of Spider-Man movies – if the audience loves Homecoming – we know that they cast Michael Keaton, and we even know who’s going to be the main villain.

Thinking of the villain (The Vulture) and other stories with Spider-Man, we remembered that there are other bad guys/girls who fought against Spidey and other superheroes in the comic books who deserve to be on the big screen.



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The Amazing Spider-Man writer Gerry Conway created Hammerhead, a man of Russian origins who infiltrates the Italian mafia. He leads a life of crime, hiding his Russian heritage and committing horrible murders. His name is a description of his appearance. After being shot, Hammerhead is found in an alley by a surgeon who inserts a metal plate into his skull. This saves his life and gives him the Hammerhead nickname.

He has no superpowers, but his skull is reinforced with vibranium, or adamantium, and he can use it as a weapon of destruction.

He is a dominant presence in animated versions of the Spider-Man series, and we cannot see why he wouldn’t be introduced in the MCU.

The Spot

Jonathan Ohnn

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The Spot, or Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, suffered a radical transformation while he was working on creating a solid black circular portal. After creating the portal, stepping into it and coming back, Ohnn becomes this spotted creature with superpowers.

Everyone laughs at his looks, including Spider-Man, against whom The Spot fights. He serves Kingpin, and his first confrontation with Spider-man and The Black Cat is a failure. Then he becomes a constant opponent of Spidey. At some point, Ohnn had formed a team against the web-slinger hero.

His superpowers are quite remarkable. He can travel through space whenever and wherever, and he can turn his enemies’ attack-strikes back on them.

Man -Wolf

Photo Credit: marvel

Photo Credit: marvel

Colonel John Jamesos is the youngest man to travel into space. During a secret mission to the moon, Jamesos finds a glittering red gemstone that will transform him into a wolf during a full moon night. He tries several times to get rid of these transformations, with no success.

As Man-Wolf, Jamesos has incredible superpowers: superhuman strength, agility, speed, and stamina. He’s enhanced with a healing factor, infrared vision, and a highly developed sense of smell. He might also be connected to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and that would make his presence in the MCU even more relevant.


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Tyrone Johnson (Cloak) used to be a naive teenager, raised in a poor neighborhood of South Boston. He becomes a mutant after an experiment with a new type of heroin. Criminal chemist Dr. Simon Marshall develops D-Lite, a new type of heroin, and tricks Johnson into using it.

After using the drug, Johnson finds himself surrounded by darkness and dominated by a strange hunger. He tries to hide the darkness behind a cloak, therefore the name. His potential of being a villain is quite strong, as Cloak has a hard time taming his dark side.


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Calypso is a female Kraven and an opponent of Spider-Man. She has magical powers and she doesn’t hesitate in using them to assist Kraven. It seems that the Voodoo priestess is very driven against the web-slinger; she even enjoys seeing the superhero in difficult situations.

Kraven's Last Hunt depicts perfectly how much Calypso is enjoying seeing Spider-Man being tormented.

Unlike other villains, Calypso is not the result of an experiment or an accident. She trained hard to gain her dark powers pursuing dark arts, years of study, and ritual sacrifice. She is definitely worth seeing in a Marvel movie.


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Dansen Macabre would change the scene in the MCU with her unusual abilities and mystical presence. She is a member of Night Shift and her dance is her superpower. Those who watch her dance are victims of a possible death. Spider-Man was a victim of hers once, so he would be no stranger to Dansen Macabre if she were to attack him again on the silver screen.

Her history is quite interesting, as she’s a part of  the cult of Kali, a Nepalese cult. She studied martial arts and mystical disciplines.

She would make an interesting appearance in the Marvel Cinematic universe!

Molten – Man

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Before becoming Molten-Man, Mark Raxton used to be a scientist. He was assisting Dr. Spencer Smythe, maker of the Spider-Slayers. Raxton was eager to get rich and when he and Smythe developed an experimental liquid, Raxton tried to steal it. In his attempt, Raxton spilled the liquid metallic alloy on himself, turning golden.

Soon, Raxton learns that he will stay like that forever but he also learns about his new abilities. His first intent is to use the abilities to rob banks and create dread. Here’s where Spider-Man’s help comes along. Molten-Man almost ruined Spidey’s high-school graduation day, as the superhero had to stop his first crime.

It seems that Spider-Man: Homecoming will somehow be connected to Molten-Man, as his step sister will appear in the movie as Peter Parker’s friend.

Moribus the Living Vampire

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Dr. Michael Moribus was a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, and during one of his experiments, he changed his own life, forever transforming into a vampire. The doctor was trying to make a cure for his blood disease, but the cure turned him into a vampire, and soon he finds that he has vampire abilities.

In the beginning, he is more of a villain. While traveling to the States by ship he slaughters the whole crew in his thirst for blood. He met Spider-Man at a house on a beach where he’s gone to kill himself. At that time, Spider-Man had six arms and was trying to cure this malformation.

When Spider-Man realized that Moribus’ blood could help him lose the extra arms, he went on tracking the vampire and took some of his blood during a battle.

Wouldn’t Moribus be an interesting character to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Cold Heart

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Kateri Deseronto’s hate for superheroes resides in her son’s death. It seems that he was the collateral victim of a confrontation between a supervillain and a villain. Ever since, Deseronto’s sole purpose is to destroy them.

She is the only one who has almost killed Spider-Man. The only reason she didn’t was because Spidey begged for his life. She believes that superheroes create more destruction than good.

Coldheart possesses a pair of cryo-blades and a suit of armor that are powerful weapons. She presented herself as Coldheart, a motivated fighter against superheroes, and her blades are able to freeze people and throw ice beams at long distances.


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Maybe he’s a known villain, but Hobglobin is still left behind, overshadowed by Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. After modifying the Green Goblin formula that he had tested on Donovan, Roderick Kingsley gains powers equal to those of Spider-Man.

The former fashion designer identifies himself as Hobglobin. The super-villain made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #238. For several years his identity was a mystery, as he was presenting himself a puppet master.

He’s been tormenting Spider-Man for over thirty year; doesn’t he deserve a place on the big screen?


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If you want to see a grim Spider-Man/Captain America crossover, Vermin would be the perfect in-between character. This creature that eats people was first an enemy of Captain America, but over the years he has been tormenting Spider-Man all over again. So, there could be a whole movie made around the two superheroes and this hideous villain.

He looks like a human-rat and he has the intelligence of a child. Vermin would make a gloomy appearance in the MCU, and he could be part of an interesting Spider-Man/Captain America crossover.

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