Main Villains We Want to See in Wonder Woman 2

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Wonder Woman's reign at the US box office is likely to end this weekend, as Cars 3 is estimated to make around $50 million, which is enough to secure the Number One spot. But it’s still one of the most talked-about superhero movies of this period. This is no surprise, since both fans and critics fell on the same side of the barricade and loved it.

Nonetheless, one of the few complaints about Wonder Woman was that it lacked a good antagonist. This is actually the case with many superhero movies, as directors choose to concentrate on the hero and overlook the antagonist.

The Wonder Woman sequel could change all that, and Patty Jenkins (here's hoping that she'll return) will have plenty of time to forge a better villain. Of course, we have some ideas for her – five villains she should use and five she should skip!

The Female Furies: Yes!

We all know that the DC Extended Universe is leading up to a battle with Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. We also know that Steppenwolf will be the main antagonist in this year's Justice League, but we have no idea when, or even if, there will be a sequel.

We believe that, if Justice League 2 arrives later in the timeline, Darkseid’s only option should be to come to Earth. So he'd have to send his Female Furies to take out Earth’s most capable warrior, Diana Prince.

Wouldn’t it be epic to have the Female Furies engage Diana in multiple battles, wearing her down until one final fight?

It would be even better to have Big Barda lead the Female Furies, then have a change of heart at the end and come to Wonder Woman’s aid. Darkseid would have to get his hands dirty and come to Earth himself (in Justice League 2, of course).

Egg Fu: No!

You knew that we had to mention him, right? And you knew that the character would never work on the big screen, right? It’s pretty clear that Egg Fu, a walking-talking Asian stereotype who was shaped like an egg, was a product of the 1960s.

But really, why was he shaped like an egg? Better yet, why was this egg-shaped villain Asian? Just for the sake of a pun, evidently.

Leaving that aside, Egg-Fu is in fact a super-computer from Apokolips, which links him with Darkseid, the DC Extended Universe’s presumed main villain. Over the years, he’s established himself as a Wonder Woman foe, although he’s also faced the Metal Men, the Checkmate squad, and even Harley Quinn.

So he has quite an extensive history, but that doesn't mean that he should ever appear on screen!

Cheetah: Yes!

Obviously, Cheetah is one of the best-known Wonder Woman antagonists. It’s understandable that fans want to see her in the sequel, since she’s Diana Prince’s equal in nearly every way.

Cheetah’s backstory (not the New 52 version, of course) is quite interesting. She was an archaeologist who was cursed by an ancient African God because of her impurity (basically, she wanted to be his bride, but wasn't a virgin). As Cheetah, she must eat human flesh to survive.

So the ideas Patty Jenkins started to explore this year could be continued in Wonder Woman 2. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have the main antagonist in a modern superhero movie be female for a change.

Introducing Cheetah to the DCEU would give Patty Jenkins an opportunity to expand the shared universe beyond Greek/Roman mythology and introduce deities from other cultures.

Characters inspired by Greek/Roman mythology: No!

Yes, the Amazons are based on Greek mythology. While we hope that their history is explored further as the DC Extended Universe moves forward, we believe that Diana Prince would be better off if she were to explore other cultures, as well.

It's not that we don't like Hercules or Hades, but they should remain in the background rather than take over the spotlight.

We already know that Ares killed all of the Olympian Gods (although the story Diana heard as a child came from an unreliable source), and Hercules must be somewhere beneath Themyscira.

Other Wonder Woman villains were inspired by Greek/Roman mythology, but for now, we'd like to see some of the others (see Cheetah’s her origin story, for example).

Grail: Yes!

Introduced in the New 52, Grail is a relatively new character. But, as the daughter of an Amazon assassin and Darkseid (a connection to both Greek mythology and the Ruler of Apokolips), she’s a formidable villain.

As a hybrid of two very powerful species, Grail could be a worthy adversary for Diana Prince. She has all the same powers, minus the lightning. Additionally, her include Omega Beams (as the daughter of Darkseid) and teleportation (like Ares).

Grail is also a highly skilled warrior, capable of single-handedly defeating the entire Justice League.

Again, maybe Wonder Woman should face a female villain with powers similar to her own in the sequel.

Angle Man: No!

From a certain point of view, Angle Man could be an interesting character. He’s a criminal mastermind who designs his plans to be foolproof from any angle (Get it?). At one point he started using a Penrose Triangle to teleport, bend space and gravity, or even influence other people’s perspectives. So he’s pretty interesting.

While he has no superpowers of his own (so he’s not a physical threat to Diana Prince), he could use his schemes to attract actual supervillains to his side.

But still, he’s just a man. Come to think of it, he’s far from the most intelligent of Wonder Woman's foes, and maybe that’s why he’s an unsuccessful career criminal! He's clever and he's a man. So Patty Jenkins could do way better.

Morgaine Le Fay: Yes!

We know what you're thinking. Given her use of dark magic, Morgaine Le Fay is better suited as an antagonist for Justice League Dark. But, in addition to clashing with Etrigan the Demon on multiple occasions, she’s also faced off with Wonder Woman.

She even appeared in the Wonder Woman TV series, portrayed by Brenda Benet (she was Morgana on the show). So there’s another reason!

Of course, as a powerful sorceress, she may not be right for the sequel, since Circe is more widely known as a Diana Prince antagonist. Again, Wonder Woman provides an opportunity to expand the DCEU to encompass mythologies from all over the world.

We feel that she'd be a better villain for this reason alone. Maybe Patty Jenkins should have her steal Wonder Woman's eternal youth, try to discredit her, or whatever. But we'd still go with Morgaine over Circe.

Doctor Poison: No!

Doctor Poison was one of the best of the Wonder Woman characters (thanks to Elena Anaya's terrific portrayal), and she survived the final confrontation. But she really doesn't have what it takes to be a main antagonist against Diana Prince.

In the comics, she had no superpowers, so she allied herself with other villains to fight the Amazons. She did the same in the movie, working with General Ludendorff and under Ares.

She could appear in the DC Extended Universe as a helper to her fellow villains. We doubt that would work out, since there wouldn't be any character progression. So maybe it would be better for Doctor Poison to sit out the next Wonder Woman movie.

That is, unless she cameos as a prisoner on Transformation Island!

Dr. Psycho: Yes!

If Wonder Woman 2 is going to feature a male antagonist, his view on life should directly oppose Diana Prince’s, so we think there’s no one better than Dr. Psycho. Although the character has evolved since his first story (he first appeared two years after Wonder Woman's debut), he was always described as a deeply misogynistic character.

In the New 52, Dr. Psycho became adept at telepathy, telekinesis, the creation of psionic constructs, and others. As a tiny person with no physical superpowers, he isn't extremely capable from a physical standpoint, but he’s a very powerful telepath.

As such, a confrontation with Wonder Woman would be visually unique.

Also, as a telepath and a hypnotist, he could attract supervillains who match Wonder Woman's physical abilities. So, yes, Dr. Psycho would be an excellent choice for Wonder Woman 2!

Giganta: No!

One of Wonder Woman’s earliest enemies, Giganta was a medical genius who tested a vaccine on herself and gained the ability to grow in size. In just a couple of seconds, she could grow to several hundred feet while gaining superhuman strength and durability. In the most recent iterations of the character, she retains her intelligence even when she becomes a giant.

We see her as more of a secondary villain, similar to Doctor Poison - a muscle for hire, so to speak. So, while we don't want to see her as a main antagonist, she could be there to help a more interesting villain take Wonder Woman down.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll also see her cameo on Transformation Island. And maybe, under the guidance of some other villainess, she’ll be a part of Villainy Inc.!

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