Top Ten Arrowverse Costumes

Hey folks, I know I normally cover comics and movies primarily but I super duper love the CW-verse DC Comics shows. I don’t talk about them super often because I am dreadfully behind on most TV but they are charming and fun and solidly great all around. And one of their best aspects is the costuming. I remember back at the beginning of Arrow, they were a little skittish to go full on comic book with the costumes and character designs, and that’s understandable. I mean Smallville never put its main character in the Superman costume really, tv was afraid of comic booking it up. But now they are having friggin’ King Shark show up and all bets are off. So I wanted to look at some of the best, most distinct DC TV CW costumes. Note: I’m only covering Arrowverse shows right now so that’s Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Supergirl, and the Vixen and The Ray animated online series. So Black Lightning, Gotham, Doom Patrol, and Titans are ineligible even though I really love the Black Lightning costume a lot.


10. Gorilla Grodd

Look, we’re using “costume” loosely for this one.

But the sheer fact they did Gorilla Grodd as a big smart ape is, if you may excuse my language, baller as hell. It has to be classified as a crazy power move to step up to the plate, say you’re making Gorilla Grodd in live action on television, and not just hit the ball, but crank it out of the park. For tv cgi, Grodd looks phenomenal. And just for sheer going for it, this deserves a spot here. Just because they didn’t half-ass it, they didn’t ignore it, they saw the challenge and went for it full tilt.

Seeing a ten foot tall psychic gorilla lift up the Flash by the face on my television set was one of the most perfect and surreal experiences I’ve ever head.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.