The 20 Best Characters in WandaVision: Ranked

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WandaVision has undoubtedly been one of the television events of 2021 so far. The Disney+ show was a real feat of creativity, showcasing the actions of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff following her resurrection in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

Wanda was, of course, snapped out of existence in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, having failed to prevent the Mad Titan Thanos from taking the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead during the Battle of Wakanda. The removal of said Mind Stone resulted in Vision’s death, which devastated Wanda to her very core – what with the android being her lover.

The events of WandaVision were a consequence of her grief, having been brought back to life into a world in which Paul Bettany’s character was still deceased.

An outpouring of that grief – combined with Wanda’s immense reality-altering abilities – resulted in the creation of a fake world in which Wanda and Vision lived happily in what was essentially a twisted suburban sitcom (the titular WandaVision), complete with supporting characters who were actually mind-controlled residents of Westview: the small town in which Wanda created this bizarre anomaly.

In this piece, we’ll be ranking all of the main characters who appeared in WandaVision – whether they were the individuals who “starred” in the fake sitcom or those who watched on from the outside.

20. Señor Scratchy

Señor Scratchy was Agatha Harkness’ pet rabbit and her “familiar” – a supernatural entity that assisted her in her practice of magic. The animal was loaned to Wanda Maximoff and Vision for use in the Westview talent show, when it was placed inside Vision’s hat, in preparation for Vision to pull him out of it. At that point, however, the show began to go wrong as Vision malfunctioned, resulting in the hat falling off and the bunny hopping across the stage.

Lots of WandaVision fans linked the rabbit’s name to Mister Scratch, which has been used as a common pseudonym for the devil throughout history, as well Nicholas Scratch, who is Agatha Harkness’ son in the comics (a character who has worked alongside both Mephisto and Dormammu on-panel).

The furry pet didn’t really do much – although it was meant to undergo an American Werewolf in London style transformation into a demon in the final episode – but it was just so cute (at least in the form shown in the show) that we simply had to squeeze the little guy into our list!

19. Sparky

Sparky was the short-lived family pet of the Maximoff family in WandaVision. A wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier, Sparky was found by Billy and Tommy Maximoff outside their home, at which point they took him into the kitchen where the family agreed to adopt the the little guy.

Unfortunately, later in that same episode – the fifth one, entitled On a Very Special Episode… – Sparky went missing and was found dead in a bush by Agatha Harkness (whom it was later revealed was actually the one who killed him).

In the comics, Sparky is the name of a green synthezoid dog (a Scottish Terrier, in this case) created by Vision for his family – he even has the same powers as Vision, such as flight and phasing. Although he was only in WandaVision for a very short period of time, everybody loves dogs, so it was absolutely essential that Sparky was included on this list!

18. Dennis

Dennis – portrayed by Amos Glick – was the name of a character in WandaVision who was a pizza delivery guy in reality, but who played a mailman in the Westview anomaly. It’s not known what his real name is.

He appeared in six episodes of the show – generally merely in passing, rather than in any major scenes or contributing to any major plot points – as a fairly chirpy and amicable individual. His most impactful line of dialogue came when Sparky went missing and he told Billy and Tommy not to worry because “your mom won’t let him get far,” which triggered their suspicions that something wasn’t right in Westview.

He was also one of the Westview residents who saw Wanda using her powers against Monica Rambeau in broad daylight – although he simply got on with his day after the confrontation came to a conclusion. He seemed like a nice enough fella.

17. Harold Proctor AKA Phil Jones

Harold Proctor – portrayed by David Lengel – is a resident of Westview who works as a piano trainer. In the fake sitcom world of WandaVision, he portrayed the character of Phil Jones, who was first seen being fired from Computational Services Inc. – the company for whom Vision worked.

A likeable, innocent character, he was the husband of Sarah Proctor and he performed in the Westview talent show, in which he played his grandmother’s piano (and subsequently expressed discontent when Wanda used her magic to turn it flat).

In the show’s final episode, when Wanda and Agatha Harkness had their final confrontation, Harold was released from Wanda’s spell and was one of the many citizens who confronted her about it. As Wanda left Westview in her new guise as the Scarlet Witch, he reunited with his wife and watched as his former captor departed.

16. Sarah Proctor AKA Dottie Jones

Sarah Proctor – played by Buffy alum Emma Caulfield Ford – was the wife of the aforementioned Harold. In the world of WandaVision, Sarah portrayed the glamorous Dottie Jones, who was essentially the queen of Westview’s social scene.

She led the committee meeting at the Westview Pool Club, where her character Dottie was revealed to have something of a ruthless side when it came to social events, scorning Wanda and Geraldine for not acting in a suitable manner. She also hosted the Westview talent show and made a couple of other sporadic appearances in WandaVision – notably in the final episode of the show, when Agatha Harkness released her from Wanda’s spell, prompting her to beg Wanda to release her daughter from it.

Many fans – particularly those who loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer – expected Caulfield Ford to have a more prominent (and possibly mystical) role in WandaVision, but it wasn’t to be. She was, however, still a prominent and intriguing inclusion in the show.

15. John Collins AKA Herb

Played by David Payton, John Collins was a resident of Westview who became known as Herbert (or simply “Herb”) when the anomaly engulfed the town and created WandaVision. He was a neighbour of the Maximoff family.

He was part of the Westview Neighbourhood Watch group and took part in the town’s talent show, assisting Vision with one of his magic acts. He was also one of the Westview residents whose behaviour led Vision to suspect something wasn’t quite right, such as when he was using a garden trimmer to cut through a wall and speaking in a peculiar fashion. He also asked Wanda if she wanted him to do anything differently, which revealed that she was in charge of his actions.

In the show’s final episode, he was one of the people released from Wanda’s control by Agatha Harkness, which resulted in him confronting the former and begging her to release the whole town from her spell.

14. Todd Davis AKA Arthur Hart

Todd Davis is a resident of Westview who became Arthur Hart when Wanda Maximoff created the Westview anomaly. Hart was the Director of Computational Services Inc. – the company for whom Vision worked. The character was played by Fred Melamed.

Appearing in three episodes of WandaVision, Hart was seen firing the aforementioned Phil Jones from Computational Services Inc. – and he later appeared at the Maximoff household, when he and his wife went there for dinner. While he was there, his behaviour briefly seemed to suggest that his real personality was coming through, when he exclaimed “I think it’s a perfectly simple question. Honestly. Why did you come here? Why? Damn it, why?

His wife in the WandaVision show was Mrs. Hart, who was played by Sharon Davis, who happened to also be his wife in the real world, before Westview became Wanda’s mystical playground.

13. Sharon Davis AKA Mrs. Hart

Sharon Davis is the wife of the aforementioned Todd Davis. Played by Debra Jo Rupp, she became the jolly and friendly wife of Todd’s character Arthur Hart – Mrs. Hart (first name unknown) – when Wanda Maximoff cast her spell over Westview.

She appeared in seven episodes of WandaVision, perhaps most notably when she accompanied her husband to dinner at the Maximoff household. She seemed very interested in Wanda’s nationality and both Wanda and Vision’s pasts – which neither of them would elaborate on (in Vision’s case it was because he didn’t actually have a past). When her husband began to choke, she repeated “stop it” over and over again, becoming the first person to act in an obviously bizarre manner whilst under Wanda’s spell.

Sharon was part of the group released from Wanda’s spell by Agatha Harkness and subsequently confronted her for what she had put the residents of Westview through.

12. Abilash Tandon AKA Norm

Played by Asif Ali, Abilish Tandon is a resident of Westview who became enthralled by Wanda Maximoff’s magic in the Westview anomaly. At that point, he became the friendly and likeable Norm – an employee at Computational Services Inc. alongside Vision.

Appearing in six episodes of WandaVision, he was a member of the Westview Neighbourhood Watch group and one of the more prominently-featured residents of the town. He was also the first person under Wanda’s control to be temporarily released from it by Vision – at which point he freaked out, asking about his sister and his father and pleading with Vision to make Wanda bring her spell to a halt.

In the show’s final episode, he was released from Wanda’s spell by Agatha Harkness and pleaded with his captor to bring her control of the town’s population to an end. He then watched Wanda leave Westview after she became the Scarlet Witch.

11. Billy Maximoff

William Maximoff – known colloquially as “Billy” – was the son of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, as well as the twin brother of Tommy Maximoff. Played by Baylen Bielitz as a 5-year-old and by Julian Hilliard as a 10-year-old, he grew rapidly after being born as a product of the Westview anomaly.

Appearing in seven episodes of WandaVision, Billy possessed similar powers to his mother, such as energy manipulation, telepathy, and telekinesis. Although he was never referred to as “Wiccan” in the show, that’s the character’s name in the comics.

Having behaved like a fairly normal kid for the majority of his appearances (barring the superpowers, that is), Billy fought alongside his parents and brother in the show’s final episode. However, he also “died” in that same episode when his mother brought the Westview anomaly to an emotional close. Having said that, his voice was heard in the show’s final scene – the post-credits scene of the final episode – when Wanda was studying the Darkhold, so there’s every chance he could reappear somehow, which would be very cool, because he’s a very interesting character and he could go on to be a formidable Young Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

10. Tommy Maximoff

Thomas Maximoff – more commonly known as “Tommy” – was Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s other son, as well as the twin brother of Tommy Maximoff. Played by Gavin Borders as a 5-year-old and by Jett Klyne as a 10-year-old, he also grew rapidly after being born as a product of the Westview anomaly.

Like his brother, he appeared in seven episodes of WandaVision, but he had very different powers. He possessed superspeed – just like his uncle Pietro. In the comics, the character’s name is “Speed”, but that was never used in the show.

Like his brother, other than the fact he had superpowers, Tommy was like any other child for the majority of his appearances, but he fought alongside his parents and brother in the show’s final episode. He also suffered the same fate as his brother in said episode, as he “died” when his mother brought the Westview anomaly to an emotional end. His voice was heard alongside Billy’s in the post-credits scene of the final episode – while his mother was studying the Darkhold – hinting at the fact he could reappear somehow. It would be good if that happened, because he could join his brother as a Young Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, utilising his speed to fight supervillains.

9. White Vision

The original Vision – the one we know from the likes of 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War – appeared in three episodes of WandaVision. The first time we saw him was when Wanda’s forced entry into S.W.O.R.D.’s headquarters was shown, when his disassembled body was being inspected by the powerful organisation, but we also got to see him brought back to life in the show’s final two episodes.

As it turns out, it was S.W.O.R.D. director Tyler Hayward’s plan to resurrect Vision all along, in order to utilise him as a weapon. Using traces of Wanda’s chaos magic, S.W.O.R.D. were successful in doing so, but without the Mind Stone and with his memory wiped, Vision returned as a white android who was easier to manipulate. That enabled the organisation to send him into Westview in order to attack and take out Wanda, which happened in the show’s final episode, after viewers were introduced to the new “White Vision” in the mid-credits scene of the penultimate episode – and it led to an epic confrontation between White Vision and Wanda’s fake Westview version of the character.

Still played by Paul Bettany, White Vision had all the powers Vision had before he was killed in Avengers: Infinity War – phasing, flight, energy blasts and so forth – but he was much more ruthless and emotionless than he previous was. However, the fake version of Vision was able to restore his memories, which brought his attempts to kill Wanda to a halt, and he subsequently left Westview to head to an unspecified destination.

While White Vision is essentially the same character we first met in 2015, he’s a very different animal now. He’s extremely intriguing – and he’d certainly be higher on this list if we’d seen more of him. It’s good to know that we’ll probably see him again in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but exactly when and where he’ll show up is a complete mystery for now.

8. Tyler Hayward

Played by Josh Stamberg, Tyler Hayward was a major character in WandaVision. Introduced as the acting director of S.W.O.R.D. (following the death of Maria Rambeau in 2020), he was relieved of his role when he was arrested by the FBI in the show’s final episode.

Hayward led the S.W.O.R.D. investigation into the Westview anomaly and recruited the likes of Darcy Lewis to help to uncover exactly what was happening. However, while he publicly displayed the intention to help Wanda Maximoff, he actually intended to destroy her – and he intended to do so through Project Cataract: the initiative created to reactivate and resurrect Vision.

After initially failing to bring Vision back to life, Hayward’s project had a breakthrough after he sent a drone into Westview to attack Wanda. When she took the drone down, she left traces of her chaos magic on it. Upon his retrieval of the drone, Hayward was able to have his team use the energy as a power source for Vision’s body.

His arrest came when his intentions were uncovered, having failed to kill Maximoff when his “White Vision” was reprogrammed by Wanda’s fake Vision. He is currently is custody and it remains to be seen whether he’ll ever reappear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but we’d like him to, because he was a thoroughly captivating villain.

7. Ralph Bohner AKA Pietro Maximoff

Ralph Bohner – played by Even Peters – is a resident of Westview who was enthralled by Agatha Harkness using dark magic. Harkness imbued Bohner with superhuman speed and had him pose as Pietro Maximoff in order for him to get close to Wanda Maximoff – the purpose of which was to extract information about how she had created the Westview anomaly.

The fact that Bohner was played by Peters – the same actor who played Quicksilver in the X-Men movies – led fans to believe that WandaVision was the beginning of the merging of the X-Men franchise with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However (as things stand, at least), that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The character provided comic relief, acting as the “cool but lazy uncle” of Billy and Tommy Maximoff, whilst arousing the suspicions of Wanda and Vision – not only because of his altered appearance from the original Pietro, but also because the original Pietro was actually dead.

During the Battle of Westview, Bohner kept Monica Rambeau hostage until she identified the fact that he was under Harkness’ spell and freed him from its effects by destroying the mystical necklace he was wearing. It’s unknown what ultimately happened to him, but fans will be hoping he reappears and does actually turn out to be a link between the MCU and Fox’s X-Men movie universe.

6. Darcy Lewis

Doctor Darcy Lewis – played by Kat Dennings – is a former student of political science at Culver University who became an intern for Erik Selvig and Jane Foster’s assistant. We’ve seen her in 2011’s Thor and 2013’s Thor: The Dark World prior to her appearance in WandaVision, but that last appearance was an unbelievable eight years ago.

In the Thor movies, Darcy was nothing more than comic relief, which felt like a waste of a talented actress like Dennings. However, in WandaVision, she really came into her own and had a very prominent role, appearing in six episodes (and still being very funny). Now an accomplished astrophysicist, Darcy was in fact the person who identified the broadcasting frequency that enabled S.W.O.R.D. to watch WandaVision from outside the Westview anomaly. She subsequently aided Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau in helping Wanda Maximoff, rather than attacking her like S.W.O.R.D. planned on doing.

When Wanda expanded the anomaly, Darcy actually became a part of the sitcom world inside Westview, playing the part of a nameless escape artist at a circus on the boundaries of the anomaly. But Vision was able to snap her out of it, at which point she was able to continue with her quest to help Wanda in her grief.

During the climactic battle in the show’s final episode, Darcy rammed a food truck into Tyler Hayward’s Humvee, disabling it and enabling him to be caught. After the anomaly was brought down, she left Westview before she could be questioned by the authorities, informing Rambeau that she believed “debriefs are for the weak.”

5. Jimmy Woo

Played by Randall Park, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo was first seen in 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, when he was assigned as Scott Lang’s parole officer, enforcing his house arrest following his escape from the prison known as the Raft. He was also given the responsibility of tracking down and arresting both Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne for violating the Sokovia Accords.

An incredibly likeable character – magic tricks and all – he appeared in six episodes of WandaVision, having been informed that a person in witness protection had gone missing and that people supposedly connected to the witness had somehow never heard of him. Suspicious, Woo headed to Westview to investigate. However, upon his arrival, the local police informed him that Westview didn’t exist. Moreover, Woo determined that he was being prevented from entering the town because it simply didn’t want him to enter. At that point, he contacted S.W.O.R.D. for assistance.

Woo went on to work alongside Darcy Lewis and Monica Rambeau in going against Tyler Hayward’s wishes and actively trying to help Wanda Maximoff, rather than taking her out – it was, in fact, Woo’s voice Wanda heard through a radio when the outside world first attempted to make contact with her.

Hayward had Woo locked up for defying him, but he escaped and promised S.W.O.R.D.’s acting director that he’d have him brought to justice for his actions – and when the Westview anomaly was brought down, he led the police and the FBI in the clean-up process, which included having Hayward arrested.

4. Monica Rambeau AKA Geraldine

Monica Rambeau first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2019’s Captain Marvel, when she was played by Azari Akbar as a 5-year-old and Akira Akbar as an 11-year-old. However, as an adult, she was played by Teyonah Parris in WandaVision.

Appearing in seven episodes of the show, Monica was revealed to have been a victim of Thanos’ snap and her first job back at S.W.O.R.D. – two weeks after being resurrected following the Blip – saw her assigned to the Westview anomaly by Tyler Hayward. A likeable, strong and determined woman, Monica played a huge part in the events of the show and seemingly became a superhero in her own right.

Initially, she was sucked inadvertently into Westview, becoming the character known as Geraldine in Wanda Maximoff’s fake sitcom world. But she was the first person to break character, mentioning Pietro Maximoff’s death at the hands of Ultron, which prompted Wanda to abruptly eject her back into the outside world. However, Monica would not be put off by that and was determined to help Wanda, so she voluntarily went back into Westview – even though she knew the anomaly’s energy shield was fundamentally altering her DNA.

As it turned out, Monica had developed superpowers – which leads fans to believe she’ll be the superhero Photon moving forward in the MCU. She aided Wanda in her final confrontation and escape, before being recruited by Nick Fury – via an FBI agent who turned out to be a Skrull – and headed into space. It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone is excited to see how that turns out in the likes of Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2.

3. Hex Vision

Hex Vision was the family-oriented version of Vision who was created by Wanda Maximoff using chaos magic. His creation was a result of an outpouring of Wanda’s grief, after she visited the plot of land in Westview where she and the real Vision had planned to build a home before he was killed in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Appearing in all nine episodes of WandaVision, Hex Vision was played by Paul Bettany and lived as Wanda’s husband, becoming the father of Billy and Tommy Maximoff – but he seemed to sense that something wasn’t quite right very early on. He couldn’t remember anything from his past and found a lot of what was happening in Westview strange – such as the way Wanda’s pregnancy occurred so quickly and how the twins grew up so fast. However, it wasn’t until he was at work and read an email from S.W.O.R.D., prompting him to break through Wanda’s control over his co-worker Abilash Tandon, that he discovered that Westview was a lie.

Hex Vision began to investigate his reality – including an attempt to leave it, which caused his body to start to disintegrate – and he ended up learning from Darcy Lewis (whom he released from Wanda’s control) that he wasn’t actually the real Vision.

In the show’s final episode, when White Vision was attacking Wanda, Hex Vision intervened to defend her. After a brief battle, he managed to restore White Vision’s memories, prompting the original Vision to re-emerge. Hex Vision then reunited with Wanda, before allowing her to bring the Westview anomaly to an end, which erased him from existence in an incredibly emotional scene.

2. Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlet Witch

The star of WandaVision was, of course, Wanda Maximoff AKA the Scarlet Witch. Played by the brilliant Elizabeth Olsen, Wanda appeared in every episode of the show and really developed as a character. She arrived in Westview a grief-stricken woman, having lost so much in her life – including Vision in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War – but ultimately came to terms with her grief in the show’s final episode.

Wanda created the Westview anomaly in the image of popular American sitcoms – which the show revealed she watched with her family as a child in Sokovia – creating environments akin to the likes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and Malcolm in the Middle, and creating her own version of Vision and twin sons, in an attempt to live happily ever after. Of course, it all fell apart when Vision realised something was wrong, S.W.O.R.D. intervened and Agatha Harkness showed her true colours.

Olsen showed spectacular range in the show, able to switch between being a stereotypical sitcom mother and showing the devastating effects of grief on a whim. This was the platform on which her character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe really came into her own.

In the show’s final episode, after she defeated Agatha Harkness, became the Scarlet Witch and accepted the huge amount of loss she had endured in life, she headed off to a remote mountainous location to study the Darkhold – which should ultimately lead her into 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – and MCU fans simply can’t wait to see where that movie takes her.

1. Agatha Harkness AKA Agnes

Without any shadow of a doubt, the best character in WandaVision was Agatha Harkness AKA Agnes. Played by the wonderful Kathryn Harn, she appeared in all nine episodes of the show and quickly became a fan favourite – and she’s now one of the most popular characters to come out of any Marvel Cinematic Universe project since its 2008 inception.

Harkness first appeared as Agnes – Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s seemingly ordinary (if not somewhat nosy) next door neighbour. Even though she did seem to appear at the most bizarrely convenient of times, she did still seem to be just another resident of Westview under Wanda’s control (at one point, she even seemed to be apologetic towards Wanda for forgetting her lines). However, it would soon be revealed that she was much more than that.

As it turned out – as revealed in the show’s seventh episode – Agnes was actually an immortal witch who had been around since the time of the Salem witch trials. She wasn’t a resident of Westview and nor was she under Wanda’s spell – she’d actually sensed the magic Wanda used and wanted the power for herself, so she’d headed to the town to find out more and position herself accordingly.

When she revealed her true self to Wanda, she took the Avenger on a journey through her past to find the source of her power – ultimately informing Wanda that she was the fabled Scarlet Witch. When Wanda outsmarted her and defeated her in the show’s final confrontation, the Scarlet Witch proceeded to subject Agatha to a life of imprisonment as Agnes in Westview. However, the door is definitely open for her to make an MCU return at some point in the future – and that is definitely a welcome prospect.

Who was your favourite character in WandaVision? Let us know in the comments!

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