Top 10 Amalgam Characters

In 1996, (known to comic book scholars as ‘peak nineties’), Marvel and DC teamed up to put out a major crossover called (hold for originality) “Marvel VS DC”.

At the apex of this crossover, both companies took one week off of their regular publishing schedule to publish twelve comics together, each one featuring a fusion of a Marvel and DC character (Storm + Wonder Woman = Amazon, for instance) under the publisher name Amalgam.

2016 will be Amalgam Comics’ 20th anniversary, so to celebrate, let’s go over my favorite of its creations. Some, I love because they’re just the coolest, and some I love the same way I love my adorably dumb dog who constantly runs into walls.

10. Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Let’s start off basic, with the simplest idea Amalgam ever churned out. “How ‘bout we make Bruce Wayne a SHIELD Agent?” As far as ideas go, it’s a pretty good one. We follow Bruce, whose parents were spies assassinated by The Green Skull (Lex Luthor plus Red Skull).

Bruce trained a bunch and joined up with SHIELD to fight HYDRA and trace his parents’ murderer alongside his team. A team which includes a version of The Huntress who was Barbara Gordon, even though Amalgam also had a different version of the Huntress who was Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel for some reason. AMALGAM IS CONFUSING. LET IT BE KNOWN.