The 10 Best Sidekicks In Comics

Since the golden age of comic books, great heroes have had great sidekicks. And while the concept of the sidekick fell out of favor sometime in the mid-sixties and never really recovered, there are still a ton of great ones to choose from.  One thing before we get started: I’m only picking one character per identity. That means one Robin, one Batgirl, one Kid Flash, etc. Otherwise half of this list would be Robins and that wouldn’t be very fun now, would it?


10. Bucky Barnes

(Marvel Comics)

Comic book Bucky was really very different from MCU Bucky. Comic book Bucky was a legit teenage sidekick who palled around with Cap being charming and inoffensive. For almost seventy years, the most important thing Bucky did was die. And then Ed Brubaker got ahold of him.

Under Brubaker and artist Steve Epting, Bucky became the covert assassin of World War 2, sneaking around enemy lines and stabbing Nazis in the throat while Steve fought in public. Bucky was a young teenager who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty and that contrasted him really well with Steve. Bucky gave all he had and sacrificed himself in the line of duty. Only… he didn’t die.

I don’t know why I wrote that like it was a twist, you’ve all SEEN “Winter Soldier”. Anyway, Bucky came back under heavy mind control and had to fight to break it, eventually trying to find a place as Captain America’s partner, before having to take on the mantle himself. Then he died except he didn’t and then he became some sort of cosmic assassin or something I don’t know, Original Sin was weird you guys.

Whatever, point is, Bucky was a loyal soldier and a true partner who’s finally worth more alive than he was dead.