Ten Crazy Powerful Superheroines

The ladies of superhero comics have always been a bit underrepresented, even the powerful ones. With Wonder Woman doing great critically and financially, and Captain Marvel building up buzz, maybe it’s time to list our most powerful and beloved female superheroes.

Here are some characters who are notable for crazy power levels or all-star fight records.

Source: dccomics.com

10. Raven

Raven was born the daughter of a human woman and a terrifying demon monster named Trigon.

As a half-demon child born of a human woman (a Rosemary’s Baby, if you will), Raven has a deep set of powers. Foremost is her ability to astral project, which she uses to generate her soul self. This occasionally involves a giant shadow bird (surprisingly, not the last giant bird you’ll see on this list) that can overload people’s emotions to the point of unconsciousness.

Raven's also a powerful empath who can affect the emotional states of her targets, an ability that is incredibly dangerous if misused. She also has weaponized teleportation and flight, which can be used alongside her telekinesis to become a force of destruction.

In addition, by giving herself over to her father, Trigon, she would unlock a whole host of demonic abilities that could, if used, end the world pretty fast.