The Secret History of EVERY Lego Batman Minifigure, Part 3

When the first wave of Lego Batman minifigs was released a while back, I put together a little two-part column in which I talked about each one and their secret ties to comic book history. Now that Lego has decided to release a new 20-figure wave of these guys, I figure I should do another one. So in this list - and in a follow-up later this week - I'll analyze each and every one of the figures, and teach you the super-secret comic book history hiding inside the plastic.


1. Disco Harley

Let’s talk about the musical history of Batman villains. Because some of them, like this disco-ed out Harley Quinn, sure do have their own musical history.

I’ll limit my research to three for the purpose of this entry. First up, Harley’s beau, The Joker, has a famous musical moment in Christmas with The Joker (the first produced episode of the Batman Animated Series in which Joker appears). The Clown Prince of Crime makes his entrance singing the oft-repeated parody version of Jingle Bells, about Batman smelling and other such things. Fun fact: It’s highly possible that in this universe, Joker made up the song himself, which is funny.

Johnny Karaoke is another notable musical Bat-villain. He sings karaoke and tries to murder people with a sword. He also dies after like three appearances. He’s great.

For our ultimate and final musical Bat-villain, join me for our next entry…