5 Marvel Characters Who Could Defeat Batman

Batman. The Dark Knight Detective. The Caped Crusader. The Pointiest Justice Leaguer. Everyone likes to talk about how Batman could beat up anybody if he had enough prep time, but some Marvel Characters might be able to give him a run for his money - and even wipe the floor with him - whenever called upon to do so. Let’s have some fun talking about these guys.

Source: gizmodo.com

5. Captain America

This is the only canonical item.

Bats and Captain America go toe-to-toe in Marvel vs. DC. They wind up in a tie, but the implication is that either one could have defeated the other. Steve Rogers is an all-around beast of a fighter, driven and powerful. Batman may be at the peak of human athletic perfection, but Cap takes it one step further.

In a one-on-one situation, Shield would beat Batarang nine times out of ten. Batman might be stealthy and well-equipped, but Cap fought the Nazis.

The big black bat would be a fool if he didn't fear someone who steps in front of a Tiger Tank armed with a metal Frisbee and wins. And your ability to be stealthy will be somewhat impaired when you can’t walk straight due to having your skull bounced off a shield.

Batman is a strong fighter, but with the right conditions, the Red, White, and Blue always comes through.