10 Worst Costumes in  Superhero Comics

Source: armagideontime.com

9. The Man Called Fate

Ah, Doctor Fate, one of the better Golden Age superhero outfits. Elegant…pretty…iconic. So answer me this: What in the biscuit-sniffing hell is this dude wearing?

That dude, by the way, is Jared Stevens, aka The Man Called Fate. However, I’m not gonna call him Doctor Fate, because MF'er ain't a doctor, so dude’s getting a nickname.

Ahem, so Jerry Fate up there is wearing the worst thing ever. Jerry's sent to pick up the artifacts of Dr. Fate, including the Amulet, Cloak, and Helmet of Fate. He gains power from the amulet, tears up the cloak to make that stupid-looking arm dressing, and you’ll never believe what he does with the Helmet.

The Helmet of Fate. One of the most powerful items in the entire DC Universe, if not all of comicdom, and Jerry melts the thing down and makes a knife out of it. If that isn’t the most nineties thing you’ve ever heard, I do not want to live your life. So yeah. Jerry Fate.

Dumb man, dumber costume.