10 Most Insane Marvel Characters (R-S)

Recently, I got my hands on an old edition of the collected Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The collection is dated to 1987, and like any other official handbook, it’s full of pages and pages on obsciure, weird, and fantastic Marvel characters. Here, for your approval, are my ten favorite weird as heck Marvel characters you probably never heard of and maybe never wanted to.

Source: Marvel.com

10. Rama-Tut

Kang is my favorite Avengers villain, but I never expect to see him onscreen because he is confusing as all get out.

Here is a good example: Born Nathaniel Richards, Kang grew up fearing the supervillain he knew he’d one day become. Until he flipped to the other side of the fence, that is. Then, the man from the future just up and decided to build a time machine and go back to ancient Egypt. So that’s what he did.

Armed with future tech and a robot army, Nathaniel conquered the Egyptian city, renaming himself Rama-Tut.

It’s like Ancient Aliens, but NOT stupid LESS stupid.

Eventually, the Fantastic Four popped up to fix the timestream and beat some sense into Rama-Tut, followed by Doctor Strange. Tut eventually left Egypt to become the Scarlet Centurion in his moody teenager phase, before he declared that a massive failure and returned to the Rama-Tut persona. Eventually he accidentally sent himself to the far, far future, where he adopted the Kang persona for good.