15 Best Replacement Heroes

Source: southgatemediagroup.com

Honorable Mention 2: Captain America (John Walker)

(aka USAgent)

Gosh darn, does Captain America hate Republican presidents. That’s not me editorializing, either, it’s straight-up historical fact.

When Nixon took office, Cap discovered an evil organization that led straight to the White House. And then he got disillusioned and quit being Cap to be Nomad. While Bush, Jr. was Prez, he was shot and killed. And, now that Trump is Commander-in-Chief, he’s revealing himself as a secret HYDRA Agent.

But when Reagan was POTUS, Steve became upset with government oversight. He refused to blindly follow along, so he was replaced with the uber right-wing John Walker. Walker fought crime and did some crazy stuff, until the Red Skull manipulated him, and he realized that Steve Rogers was more deserving of being Captain America.

But, hey, Walker would later become USAgent. His time as Cap would show us why a blindly patriotic Captain America would never capture the spirit of the character.