10 Best Moments in Multiversity

If there are two things I love, they're alternate earth stories and weird meta Grant Morrison comics. So who's surprised that Multiversity, the story that combines them, is one of my favorite things ever? But it’s kind of a weird, unwieldy book, so I decided to break it down a little more efficiently for you. Join me on this tour through the multiverse, starting with…

Source: ign.com

10. What the Hell is This?!

(Multiversity #1)

If you've read Grant Morrison’s previous big spread-out weird project, Seven Soldiers of Victory, the format of this series will be somewhat recognizable to you.

There’s Issue One, a bunch of one-shots, and a concluding Issue Two to wrap the whole thing up. This opening chapter is…f***ing insane.

It introduces us to Nix Uotan, the dimension-hopping last Monitor. We also get some of his ship, which travels dimensions and runs on music. It's called the Ultima Thule. Comics are weird. And speaking of weird comics, we also get a first look at Ultra Comics, the living haunted cursed comic book that will come back later. If that sounds confusing, that’s only because it really is.

Also, President Superman from Morrison’s Action Comics run comes back, so that’s pretty cool. But overall, it sets up a threat and a team, and it gives us the throughlines that we will see as the series progresses. Plus, Captain Carrot!