10 Best Journalists in Comic Books

Look, everybody’s gotta work. As fun as it is, being an adventure hero doesn’t pay super great, so most comic book characters have to take up secondary jobs to fund their villain-punching or wrong-righting. Of those jobs, journalist makes up a disproportionately high number. Seriously, there are sooooooooo many journalists in comics. Just pages and pages worth. Perhaps it's because good reporting is in itself a form of crime-fighting, exposing evil, and bringing truth to power. So, yeah, let's look at some of our favorite characters who are worthy of fictional Pulitzers.

Source: forums.thetechnodrome.com

10. April O'Neil

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mirage Comics/Archie Comics/IDW)

I mean come on, how could I leave April off the list?

Admittedly, her original comic book counterpart might not have been a journalist. But listen, Turtles fans, by this point, that original cartoon has basically supplanted the comics as the franchise’s default canon. Like, when you get a Turtles adaptation, that’s what you’re adapting. And so the yellow jumpsuit-wearing reporter is forever burned into our brains.

April worked with her team, including Burne, Vernon, and Irma, to get out the story with Channel 6 news. In her job, she met and befriended the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She spent a lot of time running around with a handheld camera, filming unstabilized or white balanced.

Now that I say these things out loud, I think April was actually kinda terrible at her job.  Like, I’ve taken classes in TV news journalism and location filming, and I’m pretty sure that everything April did is just a major “what not to do”. Also, she knew a lot about the Turtles that she kept out of the record, which seemed irresponsible. But whatever! April O’Neil was also a journalist.