6 Most Ridiculous DC Villains

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Villains are crucial for any comic book story, and we all know that a good villain is about so much more than raw power and sinister intentions. Good villains represent both a physical and a mental challenge for the hero, but they also challenge the hero's code and make them reevaluate what they really stand for. They can be a force of nature and represent something abstract like chaos, Joker for example, or they can represent good values that have gone wrong, like Wilson Fisk in "Daredevil".  Whatever the case, the villain should be likable or relatable to some point. People should not hope for villain to win all the time, of course, but when people root for the villain to get away with his crime, it means that the writer has done a good job.

There are some really good villains we have seen so far, and we have also seen some bad ones. However, there are villains that are absolutely terrible. They seem just like random elements that have been stitched together. So, let's have a look at some of these absurd characters and hope they either get an adequate reboot, or simply never appear again.  

1. Clock King – William Tockman


Most villains have powerful defining feature like incredible strength, intelligence, skill, or ability to manipulate the elements, but not this guy. Clock King has an incredible sense of time, and he is very well organized - what a defining quality indeed. I have no idea what the writers were trying to pull here, but maybe people who are always on time, and have their daily schedules locked down to the second, are potential criminal masterminds? CW made this character somewhat more interesting in their "Arrow" and "Flash" TV series, but still, I failed to see why such a villain was created in the first place. It may seem like a good idea to give a villain an incredible sense of time, as an additional trait, but a character solely defined by this quality is ridiculous, and not really that creative either. Still, Clock Master is a masterpiece compared to the other characters on this list, so let's move on.   

2. Captain Boomerang – George Harkness

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Captain Boomerang, the name itself isn't even remotely intimidating. He sounds like an entertainer at a children's birthday party. Furthermore, the character lives up to his name completely, he fights using boomerangs and he is an Australian. I know Batman fights using batarangs, but his tools are somewhat justified, since he wants his weapons to reflect his own fears. If Captain Boomerang was attacked by a swarm of wild boomerangs when he was a child, his weapon of choice would have perhaps made more sense, but then his background story would be completely insane. Again, CW decided to include the character in one episode of the TV show "Arrow", but I think even they figured out there's not much that can be done to make this villain likable. A bow and arrow can still be used to fight crime, but using boomerangs to commit it, instead of literally anything else, is way too farfetched.   

3. Toyman – Winslow Percival Schott


I'll admit this one isn't a complete miss, and I think that he would make a perfect deranged paedophilic villain for the "Gotham" series, but throughout comic book history, he mostly fought against Superman. This guy builds toys that either carry weapons, are armed with explosives, or are weapons themselves. Again not bad, but how exactly is he a match for Superman. Toyman made an appearance on the TV series Smallville and he'll apparently make an appearance on "Supergirl", which makes me think that the rights to using this character in any show come free of charge. I love it when iconic villains are introduced in a movie or on a TV show, but this guy can hardly be defined as an iconic villain.

  • Do not mistake Toyman for Dollmaker, because the Dollmaker is an awesome dark villain that is sick to the core, whereas Toyman is just ridiculous.     

4. Egghead – Edgar Heed


As we have seen so far, most of these villains have weird weapon preferences, but when it comes to favourite weapons this guy takes the cake, or should I say takes the eggs. Yep, as you have probably guessed Egghead is a criminal mastermind that is obsessed with eggs (dear lord, who comes up with this stuff). Much like with our previous example this guy also appeared on TV, but wait, there's a twist! He was never a villain taken from comic books, he was specifically made for a Batman TV series that ran back in the 60's. If there is one thing I would have loved to attend, it is the brainstorming session that spawned Egghead. It really makes you wonder. Was there an outbreak of a disease caused by eggs back in the day? Why did the writers have an urge to antagonize eggs? He was famous for making puns like "egg-zactly" and "egg-cellent", and that's about it. The rest of his traits are virtually the same ones every classic Batman villain possesses.   

5. Floronic Man – Jason Woodrue


Luckily, this guy never had any screen time, but since Ray Palmer was introduced in Arrow-verse, I can't discard the possibility that he will appear in the future. As you have probably guessed it, Floronic Man is one of Atom's antagonists, and his powers are not dull at all - he can create enemies out of plants. Basically, he is very similar to Poison Ivy, however, his appearance is what makes him a ridiculous villain. Imagine if a man and a tree had a child, the first thing that comes to mind is either Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy" or this guy. Since he was apparently still not ridiculous enough, the writers decided to give him another twist.

In the comic book "Batman – Shadow of the Bat" Floronic Man regenerated himself using marijuana and that changed him completely. Here's a quote from this issue:  "This is how I’m going to save the world, Ivy. Marijuana! Unlike most villains, I don’t want to rule the world — I only want to get it stoned! HO HO HA HA HEE HEE!" I really see no urgency in stopping this guy. Why not let him have his ways for a while. Personally, I think it would be really fun if the whole world was stoned for one entire day, hell, why not make it two. So, as far as ridiculous villains go, this Floronic Man pretty much nailed it.  

6. Snowflame


Remember the cartoon Popeye? It's about a sailor who gets incredibly powerful after eating spinach. Now, imagine that, instead of eating spinach, Popeye snorted cocaine, and try to visualize what that would do to him. I'll tell you what - that would make him Snowflame. After snorting cocaine, Snowflame gains access to some amazing abilities, like super strength, super speed, immunity to pain (seems legit so far) and pyrokinesis. I think this is just mean - every cocaine addict must have thought that they completely missed out on controlling fire when they saw this guy. All jokes aside, this is a really poorly thought out villain, and it would be far better to make him a good guy. Just think about it, a teacher who needs to protect his students from an alien threat, but if he sniffs cocaine in front of them, he or she would set a bad example. That's some internal struggle, and moral drama right there. Making him a drug lord and a villain is really unimaginative.

Do you agree with my choices, for the most ridiculous DC villains? If you have any suggestions of your own, make sure you leave them in the comments, as I would love to hear them.  

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