10 Best Comics from WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman

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God, I like Robert Kirkman. He's one of those guys I'm really happy is doing well, because he's an awesome talent. But while the Walking Dead TV series was the project that made him blow up, he's had tons of wonderful works to his name before and since, for a number of companies. So herein are a bunch of super great comics and series you can check out, especially if you want in on the next big thing after Walking Dead.

Kirkman is a dude who's made awesome books covering an insanely diverse range of tones and subjects, so the odds that you'll like at least one of them are insanely high. Especially since one of them features a dinosaur in power armor.


                                                 Source: comicstore.marvel.com

10. Marvel Zombies

A good number of you maybe just spit out your coffee all over your desktops. "What what WHAT?!!! The Walking Dead guy made a comic book about Marvel Superheroes fighting zombies?!!?"

And the answer to that is yes, kinda, not in the way you're assuming, but yes.

So it isn't "The Walking Dead with Marvel Superheroes" it's actually a pitch-black dark comedy about zombified Marvel Superheroes. And it's hilarious. From whiney Spider-Man moping about how he ate MJ and Aunt May, to Bruce Banner only Hulking out when he's hungry, this thing is beautiful.

When the story picks up, the zombie plague is pretty much over and there are few to no un-zombified people left on earth. But when a mysterious silver figure on a surfboard descends from the sky, things take a turn for the crazy. The crazy AWESOME, that is.

There have been a bunch of follow-up Marvel Zombies comics, but the original mini would be the one to check out. It's a fun read that goes for funny more than spooky, but it’s all the better for it.


                                                         Source: comicbook.com

9. Irredeemable Ant-Man

I've talked about this one before, but it remains a pretty great comic book, so I'll continue to discuss it.

Eric O'Grady was a SHIELD Agent. And a dirtbag, but the SHIELD Agent part is the important point here. So Eric's best friend was assigned to be the brand new Ant-Man, but when he was killed in an accident, Eric stole the suit to escape. But he wound up getting blamed for his friend's death and cemented himself on the SHIELD most wanted list.

Eric used the suit and the code-name Slaying Mantis to save lives and creep on women. Yeah, he's a real piece of garbage person. But that's a lot of what makes this series so fun. It's a fun revel in the dirt, starring a horrible person.

We could use a few more of those.


                                                       Source: mdcu-comics.com

8. Guarding the Globe

More Kirkman superhero stuff, which is always pretty great. This one spins out of another book I'm totes gonna talk about later, but it's a good read on its own as well.

Guarding the Globe follows the Guardians of the Globe, a brand new iteration of a riff on the JLA that had all been killed. So this one takes on the Justice League International/Uncanny X-Men idea of a worldwide superteam, featuring brand new super heroes from around the world.

The team includes French bulldog Le Brusier, Blindfolded Chinese gunman Best Tiger, and Australian weaponeer Kaboomerang. As you might've guessed, these character names are a large part of why I love this book as much as I do.

Seriously, try to say the words "Best Tiger" without smiling. It's impossible. And if you did manage it, congratulations on just saying the words "Best Tiger" out loud in public for no reason, you weirdo.

Plus, like, Kaboomerang. Love it.


                                             Source: bibliocosme.wordpress.com

7. Astounding Wolf-Man

C'mon guys, why do I gotta convince you to read this one? It's called The Astounding Wolf-Man. It's about a dude who gets turned into a werewolf and uses his newfound abilities to be a superhero.

It's drawn by Jason Howard (who drew another book that appears later on this list) and it crosses over with the number one entry on the list.

S'about a Wolf-Man!!!!! Are your hearts made of stone?! There are superheroes fighting alongside the Wolf-Man! His first mentor is a vampire man! And it pulls the Kirkman move of sticking a major twist at the end of the first arc. Not gonna tell you what it is though, because I'm kind of a tease. But if you like gothically twisted superhero comics, this is for sure the thing for you.

But it's not too twisted and dark. There is an Astounding Wolf-Mobile in it after all. Oh yeah, that's a thing. If you're not sure, I'd at least give the first issue a shot. It'll for sure get you hooked, especially that last page. Which I'm ALSO not going to tell you about.

Remember: I'm a tease.


                                                Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

6. Battle Pope

So you should pretty much know by that title whether or not this is gonna be a thing you'll like.

After Oswald Leopold II is appointed Pope, he resorts to a life of drunkenness, sex, and other assorted Dionysian pastimes. But when things start to go horribly wrong, God calls Oswald to go and save Saint Michael with the help of his pal, Jesus. It's super fun.

Gun wielding Pope fighting demons with comedic sidekick Jesus is one of those things I never knew was an option but the second I did, I wanted it. Like red velvet flavored ice cream. The art by Tony Moore is perfect, capable of action and humor in sublime combination.

It's the most sacrilegious fun you'll ever have. Because of that, if you're very religious, this probably isn't for you. But hey, I get dragged to Catholic Mass every Christmas Eve, so this one is quite cathartic for me.


                                                       Source: comicsprime.com

5. Super Dinosaur

If you aren't already sold by the title and image above, I don't know what I can do with you. And we also can't be friends.

Super Dinosaur is basically a kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon in comic book form. The story follows the ten year old Derek Dynamo and his best friend, a talking mini T-Rex named Super Dinosaur. Super Dinosaur uses his tiny hands to operate joysticks that control big robot arms on his suit.

This might be the greatest thing ever, I'll have to review the list and run it past a review board. But if it isn't literally the greatest thing ever, it's pretty darn close.

The rest of the series plays out like the best cartoons of your youth: big, fun, full of awesome ideas, and guaranteed to slap a smile across your face. Oh, and the fact that there aren't readily available Super Dinosaur toys is a crime against god and man.


                                                        Source: comicsblog.com

4. Outcast

Brand new to television, Outcast is friggin' rad in comic book form as well.

The story follows Kyle Barnes, a guy whose life has been ruined by mysterious incidents. His mother's bouts of insanity scarred his childhood. His wife's attack on his child (for which he was blamed) broke up his family. But when he meets Reverend Anderson, he starts to realize that maybe these incidents all had a common root: demonic possession.

And Kyle seems to be the only thing that can drive the demons out. As demons descend on his town and things start to go wrong, Kyle and Reverend Anderson get to work exorcising their neighbors. But darkness surrounds them, and it isn't going to be easy to clear up.

Kirkman's writing is great as always, playing more towards the horror side than his other work. But Paul Azaceta's haunting art is the showstopper here. It conveys each scene with the perfect mood and tone. Check this one out before it blows up into something huge, because it's going to.


                                                         Source: newsarama.com

3. Thief of Thieves

Uuuuuuuuugghghhgh SOGOOD. I mean, uh, mumble mumble professional comic book critiquing.

So I L O V E this series. Thief of Thieves is a crime series that is plotted by Kirkman, with each arc being scripted by a different co-writer. This means we get some sweet, sweet Nick Spencer, James Asmus, and Andy Diggle. It's like all the people I love got together to make a comic book in a genre I can't get enough of.

This book is an ongoing heist movie, and Shawn Martinbrough's art keeps that high action tone present and consistent. All the characters feel fully fleshed out, especially our lead.

Conrad "Redmond" Paulson is the master thief you want out of a book like this. He's clever and funny and really, really good at his job. This is a series that will keep you guessing and on your toes. Don't guess where it's going, because you'll be wrong as well as pleasantly surprised.


                                                     Source: journaldugeek.com

2. The Walking Dead

Okay, okay, this one was OBVIOUSLY gonna be on here. So obviously, in fact, that I couldn't make it number one on the list because it would be a massive cop-out. So I'm putting it here.

But it is really, seriously great. I've never been able to get any enjoyment out of the show, but the comic series is something I am clinically addicted to. I've been following Carl, Rick, and company's adventures for years and, holy god, am I invested.

When I finally started watching Game of Thrones this year, my first reaction was, "Oh, this is so popular because it's actually really, really good", and Walking Dead elicited a similar response. It is a book that nails the passage of time like nothing else. Characters are not just ALLOWED to age; it's how they develop.

The Carl of Issue 1 and the Carl of Issue 150 are identifiably the same person, but are very, very different in most every way. Walking Dead is a hardcore character piece, and one that will probably never stop being a must-read.


                                                  Source: worldsfinestshow.com

1. Invincible

One of the best superhero comics of all time. Seriously, there is NO hyperbole going on here. If you haven't read Invincible, you kinda need to.

When trying to sell the book to new readers, most of us fans have adopted a similar pitch: "What if Spider-Man had Superman's powers?" Now, this pitch really, truly simplifies what is actually a wonderfully complex comic book.

Mark Grayson is a teenager working a terrible job and counting down the days. To what? Why, to his super powers finally kicking in. Because Mark is the son of Omni-Man, the world's greatest superhero. And when those powers do kick in (in the single best "discovering powers" scene in the history of comic books), he's off to the races in some lighthearted superhero action.

But it's not all fun and excitement, as there is in fact something deeply wrong in Mark's world. I really can't say too much more without ruining the story, but I promise you that if you pick up the first three collections (or just the first hardcover, which contains the same material), you will be hooked.

I promise, cross my heart, hope to die.

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