Top 10 Smartest Superheroes

There are always conversations about who’s the strongest superhero or who’s the fastest superhero, but the smartest superheroes aren't discussed much. Who are the super geniuses who tower above all the other super geniuses? Let’s talk about it.

Disclaimer: Like all of these lists, this really depends on a bunch of at least somewhat arbitrary variables, so your opinions may differ.


10. The Atom (Ray Palmer)

Ray Palmer ain’t no shrinking violet. He’s an adventurer into fields too small to be of concern to most people.

Palmer was lucky enough to discover a piece of white dwarf star material that made things shrink. So naturally, he did what any scientist would do. Methodically researched it...Oh? What’s that? No, he strapped it, untested, to his body like a belt, and decided to punch criminals in the throat? Ah, I see. That is very different.

But speaking of jumping into things without thinking about potential drastic consequences later on, Ray would soon marry Jean Loring. Y’know, Jean Loring, the wife turned ex-wife turned murderer turned Eclipso? That Jean Loring? Honestly, that relationship is why Atom isn’t in a better position on this list. It was a very dumb decision. In earnest. Palmer, however, was one of the first-ever Justice Leaguers to be added after the initial team.

He also specialized in exploring the depths of the microverse, which you gotta be pretty smart to do.