Top 10 Partnerships in Comics

Partnership in comics isn’t something we tend to get a lot.  We have couples and sidekicks by the buttload, but true platonic equal partnerships aren’t as common. So I decided to sit down and knock out a few of my favorites. And two quick notes: First, no sidekicks, so Batman and Robin ain’t making it onto this list. And two, it has to be a partnership not just a friendship, although every entry on this list fulfills both of those categories.

10. Captain America & The Falcon

So I figured I’d start off with a classic partnership. One that was so darn classic that they RENAMED THE COMIC BOOK IT FORMED IN. That’s right, Captain America became Captain America and The Falcon for a brief time because the Falcon was always there, so why not throw him up in the title?

Sam Wilson was a former criminal until he was found by the Red Skull. The Skull used a Cosmic Cube to brainwash Sam into becoming a superhero so he could be used as a sleeper agent to kill Captain America. The brainwashed Sam met Steve Rogers and the two united to fight crime as Captain America and the Falcon, alongside Sam’s avian partner, an actual Falcon named Redwing. When the Red Skull returned and deprogrammed Falcon, Sam realized he liked being a hero with Steve and refused to betray his friend.

That’s right, the power of friendship beats the power of Nazis with reality-warping cubes. From that point on, Steve and Sam’s friendship was legendary, to the point where, when Steve lost his super soldier serum and couldn’t go on being Captain America, there was no doubt it would be Sam who took over for him.