Top 10 Hulks in the Marvel Universe


9. Skaar

Don’t name your kid after where they were born. It’s just tacky, and not many children can pull off the name Luxemburg.

But anyway, Skaar was born to Hulk and noted warrior Caiera the Oldstrong on the gladiator planet Sakaar. He would eventually be bounced around from his homeworld to Earth, where he met his father, and all around the Marvel Universe.

He even found a place on the Dark Avengers, first as the mole on Norman Osborn’s team, and later as a regular member of the team that used to be the Thunderbolts, but everyone figured Dark Avengers would sell better. I mean, it was canceled fifteen issues later, but who knows, without the name change, it might've made it only five. Whatever, I’m not bitter.

Anyway, Skaar. Skaar eventually found himself depowered by his dear old dad and was wandering around the Pyrenees Mountains when last seen.