The Punisher is Different from Other Marvel Shows, Says Finale Director!

Following his debut in last year’s Daredevil Season 2, Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle is set to return in his standalone series, Marvel’s The Punisher. And according to the director of the show's season finale, the series will be unique among Marvel's shows.

Stephen Surjik directed three Daredevil episodes, two Jessica Jones episodes, and one each for Luke Cage and Iron Fist. During a recent conversation with Combat Radio (via ComicBook), he confirmed that he's calling the shots for the finale. Because he signed a nondisclosure agreement with Marvel, he was unable to reveal much about the show, but he did say we're in for a top-notch show:

I can't get into too many details, because of course the NDA that I've signed with Marvel is fairly comprehensive. But I finished directing the finale for The Punisher not that long ago. So that baby is in post-production. I think I'm allowed to say that it's really good.

Stephen Surjik - the director of The Punisher's season finale Stephen Surjik, director of The Punisher's season finale (Photo Credit - ABC)

Surjik added that the tone of the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe shows are quite different from other MCU shows:

It is different from the other Marvel shows as far as it is an adult drama. There are no superpowers. You know the Punisher is a character who is based on vengeance, fundamentally. His family is a victim of some horrific thing. But the character himself is well-known, and the way that they approach it is very different from the other shows.

Bernthal’s badass anti-hero's standalone show is expected to arrive in November 2017, according to hints offered by fifth episode director Dearbhla Walsh. But Marvel and Netflix haven’t promoted the show to a great degree yet. Maybe they'll jump-start the marketing campaign after the launch of The Defenders on August 18.

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