The Punisher: Premiere Date Revealed?

Once The Defenders made its debut, Marvel and Netflix began to work at promoting their newest joint venture, The Punisher. They've dropped loads of promotional items, including a bunch of photos and a breathtaking full-length trailer. But despite all of their vim and vigor, they've put off publicizing the show’s premiere date. The only information they've provided is that all 13 episodes are scheduled to arrive on any one of 2017's remaining 100 days.

Many fans are satisfied now that they know they'll see The Punisher yet this year. But others, especially those who meticulously mark important dates on their calendars, are a bit put out with the decision to keep the exact date under wraps. But we now have some good news for everyone! It appears that they've finally come out with a specific release date.

Thanks to Reddit user @Graeme12895, we have an excerpt from Total Film’s November issue that suggests that the series about Jon Bernthal’s anti-hero is set to launch on October 13, 2017.

An excerpt from Total Film’s latest issue that reveals The Punisher's premiere date The Total Film article with The Punisher's premiere date (Photo Credit - @Graeme12895/Reddit)

If you're skeptical about the reliability of the source, here’s an image of the double-page spread!

The whole double-page spread The double-page spread (Photo Credit - @Graeme12895/Reddit)

If the story is accurate, the series debut is less than a month away. But why haven’t they announced it? How long do Netflix and Marvel intend wait to make an official announcement? It's a little weird, because they made their other shows' premiere dates public well in advance.

We should also note that Dearbhla Walsh, director of the fifth episode, suggested in June that the show would  “not air until November”. But things do change, and those in charge may have felt that the mid-October slot was more appropriate.

UPDATE: ScreenRant recently claimed that a source informed them that the rumored premiere date for The Punisher wasn't accurate!

What are your thoughts on all of the mystery around when The Punisher will air? Share via comments, and stay tuned for the latest updates!