The 10 Best Valiant Comics

I read a lot of comics. Like, A LOT of comics. Maybe too many. But for all the comics I read, there's one publisher I’d point to if asked, “Which company has the most consistently great comic book lineup?” That would be Valiant Entertainment. Seriously, Valiant’s focus on no more than nine books in any given month allows them to ensure unique levels of quality across the board.

I only discovered the Valiant line a year or two ago, and I have been on a deep dive ever since. I wanted to give others a solid list of what to read based on my own experience. There’s so much good stuff that I had to cut some of it out. So stuff like The Valiant and Ninjak didn’t make the cut, but they are for sure honorable mentions.


10. Bloodshot

Bloodshot is a story about a regenerating government weapon with false memories who is hellbent on rebelling against his former masters at Project Rising Spirit in as vicious a manner as possible.

I have to admit that Bloodshot’s name and design always put me off. I mean, the dude seems like the first character a thirteen-year-old would create after deciding to be an edgelord. But the Valiant reboot turned him into a character I could really be interested in. Especially his role in the Harbinger Wars crossover, which really endeared him to me.

Watching the very human Harbinger Renegades have to deal with the inhuman murder machine that is Bloodshot was a treat to behold. Fun book; it really does its job of “setting the world on fire”.