Suicide Squad Role Of Scott Eastwood Revealed!

Back in this year’s first of April, for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, I came up with the names of three new cast membersScott Eastwood, Ray Olubowale and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. I also mentioned what roles they would be playing in the movie. I wrote that Scott Eastwood would be playing Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor, as suggested by the-then Latino Review correspondent El Mayimbe.

You might have thought that I made you APRIL FOOL when you heard the name of Star Trek star Chris Pine as the one appointed for the role of Steve Trevor in the solo outing of the Amazonian Princess. Well, that wasn’t anything intentional - I told you what I heard.

Now, I will be telling you what I’ve heard recently about the role of Scott Eastwood. And the source is again El Mayimbe, but from a different site, Heroic Hollywood.

He’s Playing Deathstroke In Suicide Squad!

Deathstroke Scott playing Deathstroke in Suicide Squad?

According to the latest scoop, in Suicide Squad, Scott Eastwood isn’t playing anything else in than what Manu Bennett has been playing in Arrow Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke! One of the correspondent’s sources from the set saw the name ‘S. Wilson’ on the chest of the actor. S. Wilson in a DC superhero movie cannot be anything else than Slade Wilson – that’s for sure!

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