Justice League Part One or Part Two to Introduce Black Canary?

We have watched two different characters take up the mantle of Black Canary in the CW series Arrow. They are the LANCE SISTERS played by Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy. While Caity’s Sara Lance appeared as the original Black Canary in the second season of the series, after her death in the third season, Katie’s Laurel Lance took over the mantle.

It seems like Warner Bros is planning to come up with a separate Black Canary for their live-action cinematic universe - the DC Extended Universe! That’s what the garden-fresh rumor suggests! Latino-Review is the one to have come forward with this hot scoop. According to their report, Black Canary will be introduced in the DC Extended Universe with either of Justice League Part One and Part Two movies.

Well, this is NOT something new that DC TV Universe and DC Extended Universe are separate and that we can have the same character being used at the same time in the two different universes differently. For example, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen is The Flash of the Arrowverse while Ezra Miller is set to play the same character in the DC Extended Universe. So, a separate Black Canary for the theaters shouldn’t be something contradictory.

Launching Point for Birds of Prey Movie!

Birds of Prey A live-action Birds of Prey movie in plans?

The report not only suggests that Black Canary will be introduced in either of the two Justice League movies, but also claim that this character will serve as the ‘LAUNCHING POINT for a female-centric team-up movie’ – to be specific, a Birds of Prey movie – that will follow. If the rumor stands, Warner Bros is doubtlessly planning for real a DC ‘EXTENDED’ Universe!

Two Actresses Eyed for Black Canary Role!

Alona Tal and Abby Lee Alona Tal and Abby Lee - two frontrunners for the role!

Well, I’m not sure if this is the most interesting part, but the report claims that two actresses are considered as the frontrunners for the role of DC Extended Universe’s Black Canary. One of the two actresses is Broken City and Supernatural star Alona Tal, while the other one is Mad Max: Fury Road and Gods of Egypt star Abby Lee.

Do you want to see Black Canary in DC Extended Universe? If yes, which actress do you think would be a better fit for the role? Do let us know via comments!