James Gunn Praises Ragnarok; Movie's Tracking Toward $100 Million

When the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer was announced, James Gunn said it was the best Marvel Cinematic Universe trailer ever. On top of being lots of fun, that first trailer broke records, and the final installment in the Thor solo franchise almost instantly became 2017's most eagerly awaited Marvel flick.

The first tweets about the movie praised the visuals, the characters, the action, and everything in between. Actual reviews will be available on October 19. Early tracking indicates that Ragnarok should open somewhere between $90 and $100 million in the US alone. This would top the opening weekends of both previous Thor flicks.

Chinese poster for Thor: Ragnarok Chinese poster for Thor: Ragnarok (Photo Credit - Marvel)

On top of that, the movie will open on the same day in China, so it's safe to say that Marvel will have another worldwide hit on its hands.

Speaking of reviewers, James Gunn had good things to say about Thor: Ragnarok in a rather lengthy Facebook post. He made it clear that because he didn’t care for every movie Marvel's made, his review could be trusted.

Check it out:

When the director of the most colorful movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe calls his films sepia-toned in comparison with Ragnarok, we can be certain that we're in for quite a show!

Hemsworth and Thompson with the Thor: Ragnarok director Hemsworth and Thompson with director Taika Waititi (Photo Credit - EW)

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3. Will you see it on the very first day?