Eminem Drops Original Song For Venom: Knock, Knock, Let The Devil In!

The official soundtrack listing for Ruben Fleischer's Tom Hardy-starrer Venom is yet to be released, but we are pretty sure it will include a new original track by Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem.

On various social media networks, Eminem recently teased his involvement with the first standalone movie for Eddie Brock with a 15-second clip. The clip features the movie’s title sequence, but with the “E” abruptly morphing into the Detroit rapper’s signature backwards initial. After an up-tempo beat plays for a few seconds, we hear the sinister verse, “Knock, knock, let the devil in.” Check it out below!

Few hours after teasing fans with the clip, Eminem made another surprising move, dropping an entirely new album online. The album titled Kamikaze includes 13 brand new tracks, one of which is titled Venom – Music From the Motion Picture. Here’s the announcement tweet for you!

The Venom song finds Eminem comparing himself to the alien symbiote and his longtime fans to Eddie Brock. In the third verse, he says:

I latch onto you like a

Parasite, and I probably ruined your parents' life

And your childhood too

'Cause if I'm the music that y'all grew up on

I'm responsible for you retarded fools

I'm the supervillain dad and mom was losin' their marbles too

You marvel that? Eddie Brock is you

And I'm the suit, so call me Venom

It makes quite a few references to the movie, none of which seem to be spoiler-y though. So, you can safely listen to the track, but keep in mind that the strong language used in it is clearly not something Captain America would approve. Check out BossLogic’s new artwork in honor of Eminem’s new album!

Artwork honoring Eminem's involvement with Venom soundtrack Artwork honoring Eminem's involvement with Venom soundtrack (Photo Credit - BossLogic)

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