Dream Team: The Justice League of Batmen

Source: dc.wikia.com

2. Green Lantern Batman (Batman: In Darkest Knight)

The Marksman

In Darkest Knight is your typical fun Elseworlds story. Not a ton of weight. It shows Batman being someone else or somewhere else or some when else or whatever. In this story, he’s the Green Lantern of Earth. Specifically, at the moment when the Bat was supposed to fly straight through his window to inspire him to become a Batman, Abin Sur’s ring flies through instead, and chooses him.

Of course, since Batman is Batman, he doesn’t really play by the Guardians' rules, and he eventually gets in trouble for it. But, hey, as far as Green Lanterns go, not bad.

Team Role: The Marksman.

To be honest, Bruce isn’t the best Green Lantern. He screws up multiple times, gets Alfred killed, and fails to beat Sinestro like Hal did. But he’s disciplined and focused, and he has a Green Lantern Ring, so that’s something. He’d be best suited to a sniper’s role, picking off targets from a distance with his ring. Especially since most Batmen are more up close and personal fighters.