Deadpool IMAX Poster & Trailer Launched!

It has already been confirmed that the second official trailer of Deadpool will arrive on the Christmas Day. But that is going to be the last one out of the twelve daily gifts from the Merc with a Mouth under ‘12 Days of Deadpool’. Today was the ninth day and an exclusive IMAX poster for the movie is our gift for the day.

At the center of the poster, we can see Colossus with the titular superhero riding on top of his shoulders. The central part of the bottom half of the poster features him in a clash against Ajax. From the two sides, we get to see faces of all the major characters of the movie – Wade Wilson, Vanessa, Weasel, Angel Dust, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Blind Al. It also features Stan Lee who has a cameo appearance in the movie as a strip club MC. Check out the cool poster below!

Deadpool IMAX poster Deadpool IMAX poster

The half a minute long trailer attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens IMAX screenings has also surfaced on web. It doesn’t offer any new footage from the movie but is quite intriguing. Check it out below!

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