Deadpool 2 Scribe Reese Debunks Villain Rumor; Plus, First TV Spot is Online!

A recent rumor that Deadpool 2 was ousted a villain during post-production was apparently inaccurate.

We learned in 2017 that Jack Kesy (Claws) would play an unidentified villain in Deadpool's second solo outing. Rumor had it that he would play notorious X-Men nemesis Black Tom Cassidy, but a more recent rumor suggested that Kesy’s role had been cut in its entirety.

In a new development, Rhett Reese, who co-wrote both Deadpool scripts with Paul Wernick, revealed that Kesy's role in the May 18 release is still intact. In fact, he debunked the rumors with a one-word tweet:

A new report from Collider elaborated on Reese’s brief statement, asserting that Kesy’s Deadpool 2 role was trimmed to some extent. It looks as though his scenes were trimmed during final editing, but he's definitely still in the movie.

This falls in line with some recent reports about the reason for the additional filming. Some bloggers claimed that the movie was a mess, and was undergoing extensive reshoots. Later, other sources that may be more reliable suggested that there was nothing wrong with the movie, and the reshoots were done to add more scenes with test-screening favorites Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz). Additional screentime for these new mutants would inevitably affect that of other characters, and Kesy’s villain was apparently among them

In addition, the first Deadpool 2 TV spot just popped up online. Unfortunately, it's entirely made up of footage we already say in the earlier trailers, but it's still worth a look!

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