The Strongest Marvel Superheroes Of History Ranked

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There has been a lot of paper wasted trying to figure out which fictional characters constitute the most strong superheroes, but the purpose of this list is to provide an answer to a somewhat different question. Who among the heroes had the most physical prowess? Who would emerge victorious if they were forced to engage in a powerlifting competition?

The majority of heroes possess some degree of superhuman strength, even if it is only sufficient for them to be able to throw and then catch a powerful shield fashioned out of pure metal. However, only a select few heroes are able to advance to the higher tiers of competition. Marvel Comics has a long-standing practice of evaluating the strength of their characters by calculating the number of tons (or 2,000 pounds or 907 kilograms) that they are capable of lifting. The method does not function as a literal measurement, but rather as a simple comparison system that is used to establish how strong one letter is in relation to all of the other characters.

Spider-Man, for instance, is widely classed as being able to carry roughly 10 tons, despite the fact that he is occasionally seen to hoist objects whose real-world equivalents weigh far more than what he is actually capable of lifting. This lets people know that he is not as strong as Luke Cage, who, according to the “Civil War: Battle Damage Report” from 2007, is able to lift up to 50 tons. Luke Cage is weaker than he is. Every single person on this list is able to lift at least one hundred tons, and the individuals who are closer to the top of the list are capable of much, much more.


Piotr Rasputin first appeared in “Giant-Size X-Men” #1 in 1975. He was born and raised on a farm in Russia until he learned that he could transform his entire body into living metal. Piotr Rasputin was first introduced in this issue. Piotr, who in his human form was a tall and physically imposing man, discovered that his strength and durability were multiplied by a thousand when he transformed to metal.

Piotr was eventually approached by Professor Charles Xavier, who extended an invitation to join the ranks of the X-Men. He was offered the title of “Strongest Member of the X-Men,” which he accepted, and since then he has been known as “Colossus,” the title traditionally given to the X-winner. Men’s There is no indication that he will continue to get stronger, and the “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z” #2 from 2008 lists the X-Man as being able to lift exactly 100 tons, which places him firmly at the bottom of our list. Despite the fact that his strength increased over time as he grew from a teenager into a fully formed adult, there is no indication that he will continue to get stronger.

Captain Marvel

The situation with Carol Danvers is unique. After being subjected to energies that changed her into a human-Kree hybrid after meeting the Kree warrior Mar-Vell in 1968’s “Marvel Super Heroes” #13 (while working as the head of security at NASA), she began her career as Ms. Marvel in the first issue of “Ms. Marvel” published in 1977. When she was in this form, she had the ability to lift around 50 tons, but Rogue, who would later join the X-Men, managed to take her talents forever. She was able to lift 100 tons after she regained her powers and became Binary; however, she soon went back to being as strong as she was when she was Ms. Marvel.

However, after undergoing many power increases after becoming Captain Marvel, comics like “Avengers” #2 from 2018 have showed that Carol possesses a “resting strength” of at least 100 tons, which can be grown to levels that are unknown thanks to her ability to absorb power. Because Carol had to rely on her non-physical powers to achieve that lift, she scores lower than some of the other competitors she has on this list. It is uncertain exactly what her ultimate limitations might be, and some think Captain Marvel is the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor, who was the product of an affair between a human sailor and an Atlantean princess, is sometimes viewed with suspicion by the people of his blue-skinned kingdom; but, as their monarch, he makes every effort to serve them and prioritizes their safety over his own. Namor is notorious for his explosive temper and great vanity, and despite the fact that he has been a member of both the X-Men and the Avengers, he is almost usually portrayed as the villain. Even though his exterior is practically impenetrable, his pride and ego are more delicate than a ripe peach and are easily wounded.

Namor the Sub-Mariner is one of the oldest characters in Marvel Comics. He was first introduced in the first issue of “Motion Picture Funnies Weekly” in 1939 and was created by Bill Everett. It is said that Namor is the mightiest person on the planet when he is underwater, as he is able to easily accomplish feats that are greater than 100 or more tons. On the other hand, the longer he is out in the open air and the more dehydrated he gets, the more significant his loss of strength becomes. Therefore, despite the fact that he occasionally manages to outmatch other participants in this tournament, his strength is still only sufficient to earn him the position of 12th place.


The unfortunate thing for the Thing is that he still has a long way to go in order to catch up to the next hero—oops, we meant heroine—on our list. In issue number one of “Savage She-Hulk,” published in 1979, Jennifer Walters, a lawyer, was spending time with her cousin Bruce Banner when she received a gunshot wound that required Banner to perform a blood transfusion in order to save her life. Jennifer discovered that even though the treatment was successful, she retained the ability to transform into the She-Hulk. While in “Hulk mode,” she was able to keep both her brains and her sense of who she was, in spite of the fact that she was not as strong as her cousin.

Her power has gone up and down throughout the years, but just like the majority of the other characters on this list, she has been continuously gaining strength ever since she was first created. She was able to effortlessly lift the Thing’s weight-lifting machine at its utmost settings in “She-Hulk” issue #9 from 2004, which was published in 2004. In the same issue, she was forced to cheat against Hercules in an arm-wrestling bout in order to save his feelings. She-Hulk, on the other hand, has been depicted in more recent storylines like “Immortal Hulk” #7 in 2018 to be beginning to approach the levels of strength possessed by her cousin.

Marvel’s Superman Analogues

Marvel Comics has published a variety of characters that are similar to Superman over the course of its history. The word “hyperion” is the closest to its meaning. His home planet, the “Squadron Supreme,” is home to one of the most powerful superhero teams in the universe. It is packed with characters that are meant to be glaringly obvious substitutes for the primary Justice League players. In “Avengers” #147 from 1976, a story was even titled “Crisis on Other-Earth” as a nod to DC’s long history of using the word “crisis” to headline its multiverse-heavy stories. This was done as a tribute to DC’s long history of using the word “crisis” to label its multiverse-heavy stories.

The meanings of others are less clear. Gladiator, for instance, is an extraterrestrial that merely possesses the same set of powers as Superman, whereas another character, Blue Marvel, shares Superman’s moral fiber as well as many of his powers, but he also possesses energy powers that make him somewhat similar to Icon from Milestone Comics. One of the most well-known instances from recent times is the Sentry, who frequently fills the role of a “Evil Superman” analog. Due to the fact that Marvel’s Superman stand-ins are rarely nearly as powerful as Thor, they have collectively been placed here at 6th position on the list. The requirements at this stage in the list are generally strength on par with that of Superman and higher.


Known as the “God of Thunder,” Thor is also the son of Odin and the prince of Asgard. He is all of these traits and more, in addition to being a powerful being. Thor is unparalleled in the Marvel Universe thanks to his great hammer, Mjolnir, which gives him the strength to match his unrivaled status.

The strength of Thor is very complicated, perhaps more so than any other figure on this list. To begin, he is the “God of Strength” of Asgard, which makes him the most powerful of all the gods that reside in that realm, despite the fact that this fact is not very well known. In addition to this, he equips himself with a magical belt known as “Megingjord,” which augments the enormous natural power he already possesses.

It is well known that Thor is capable of incredible physical feats; nevertheless, it is unclear just how powerful Thor is both with and without the belt. In principle, taking off the belt could push him halfway down this list; nevertheless, it’s possible that he is already so strong that he would only move up or down a few positions. But the fact that he might potentially lower his strength by removing that belt is one of the primary factors that contributes to him landing in fourth place here.

The Hulk

You were aware of the conclusion from the very beginning. After being exposed to the radiation from a gamma bomb, Dr. Bruce Banner discovered that he had been converted into a monstrous being simply referred to as “Hulk.” At the end of the day, superhero comic books have one law that cannot be broken: Hulk is the strongest one there is, and that’s basically all there is to it. The specifics of the pair’s symbiotic relationship could vary, but that won’t change the fact that Hulk is the strongest one there is.

Even if Superman is capable of moving planets or bench-pressing the complete weight of the Earth’s core, even his superhuman strength has its limits. Hulk’s strength does not. It’s a well-known formula for superheroes: the crazier the Hulk becomes, the stronger he grows, and there’s no limit to either one of those things. When Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, the Hulk has a desire to fight, and the more he fights, the more enraged and powerful he becomes. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s based on a recursive loop, thus it guarantees that Hulk will always come out on top in competitions measuring strength.

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