Batgirl Movie Moving Ahead with Bumblebee Writer on Board!

Lindsay Lohan know that she can resume her campaign to play Batgirl, because with the addition of a brand new screenwriter, Warner Bros. has given their once-stalled project a new lease on life.

Last February, Batgirl writer/director Joss Whedon stunned us all when he announced that he was leaving the project, not due to any creative differences or scheduling conflicts, but because he was unable to come up with a workable script.

As Whedon made his exit, Warner Bros. declared that they wouldn't give up on the project, and there were reports that DC Films head honcho Walter Hamada planned to move forward with a female director. We've had no news on that front, but we recently learned that the project has brought in a new writer who happens to be a woman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Christina Hodson (Bumblebee: The Movie) will pen the Batgirl script. The Tracking Board added that she'll start from scratch on a brand new script, which makes sense, since Whedon openly admitted that he didn’t have a story.

Joss Whedon stated that it took him months to realize he really didn't have a story for Batgirl! Joss Whedon worked for months before he realized he had no story for Batgirl! (Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons)

Hodson's screenwriting credits include Unforgettable and Shut In, as well as the upcoming Transformers spin-off. She also worked on a Birds of Prey project that included the character Barbara Gordon.

The delays in coming up with a Batgirl script have forced the studio to re-think their release schedule, which had originally called for Batgirl to premiere prior to Wonder Woman 2. Coming up with a new script - even if it's fast-tracked - is going to take time, and it's likely that production will happen as late as 2019, which puts the probable release date sometime in 2020.

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