Lindsay Lohan: Past Shouldn't Keep Her from Playing Batgirl!

Lindsay Lohan isn't happy that certain people have attempted to undermine her efforts to win the role of Batgirl by bringing up her checkered past.

Lohan hasn’t appeared on the big screen since 2013, but she recently launched a comeback effort. As part of that, she expressed interest in playing Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, in Joss Whedon’s upcoming live-action adaptation.

Some fans endorsed her campaign. Others weren’t thrilled at the prospect of seeing the Mean Girls star wearing Batgirl's cape and cowl, and cited Lohan's long list of past blunders as the reason for their negative reaction.

During a recent visit to The Wendy Williams Show, the actress said that her past should have no bearing on whether she's cast as the DC superhero:

I don’t like it when people always bring up and rehash the past. This is actually quite a long time ago, if you think about it now. I would rather just stay focused on what I want to do next. Whenever people bring up the past, things I’ve experienced and gone through - jail and working at the morgue, which is actually really traumatizing stuff - I’ve learned my lessons. But then it distracts from actually maybe meeting with people to do Batgirl or maybe doing a Mean Girls 2. It really distracts people. They only think about the negative, and I don’t think that’s a way to move forward in life.

Here's the interview clip!

Even with all of the negativity, the 31-year-old actress is apparently determined to pursue the role of Commissioner James Gordon’s valiant daughter. To that end, she posted the following image on Twitter!

Lindsay Lohan and Batgirl side by side, but should they be one and the same? Lindsay Lohan and Batgirl? (Photo Credit - Twitter)

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