Avengers: Endgame Writers Discuss Captain America Passing On The Shield!

Writers Christopher
and Stephen McFeely have
shed some light on Captain America’s
decision to pass on the shield in Avengers:

During the final scene of Avengers: Endgame, we see an old Steve Rogers passing on his shield, as
well as the Captain America mantle, to Sam
, aka Falcon. Of course,
Sam has taken up the mantle in Marvel Comics, but so has Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter
. So, why does Chris Evans
character choose Anthony Mackie’s
character as his successor in the April 26 release?

Speaking to Variety, Markus and McFeely have explained their reasoning behind Steve’s decision to hand over the shield to Sam instead of Bucky. Admitting that both of the characters have picked up the shield in the comics, Markus continued:

But, when you look back at “The First Avenger” and realize why he was chosen to be the first super soldier, it’s about a certain purity at heart and a certain inner heroism. It’s pretty hard to give it to Bucky. As much as we love him, he is on the dark path and is recovering from that. Sam really is a truly stand up guy. It wasn’t a wildly difficult choice, certainly. I think Bucky has a lot more story as Bucky and as someone headed on a path of atonement. And Sam has ascended into this new role.

Avengers: Endgame writers believe that Captain America had a discussion with the Winter Soldier before the passing of the shield!Avengers: Endgame writers believe that Captain America had a discussion with the Winter Soldier before the passing of the shield! (Photo Credit - Marvel)

While Bucky was not Steve’s choice for the Captain America
mantle, he apparently was involved in his decision-making process. When the
passing of the shield happens, Sebastian
’s character appears to nod in agreement. When asked whether that nodding
was in the script, Markus responded in affirmative. Then, McFeely added:  

Our assumption is that
he and Steve had long conversation before Steve went back.

During the interview, the writers also suggested that they have
no idea on how the passing of the shield is addressed in the upcoming Disney+ miniseries
Falcon and Winter Soldier. They,
just like us, are looking forward to see how Sam feels about his new role.

Do you agree with the Avengers: Endgame writers on Sam
Wilson being the more ideal choice for the Captain America mantle than Bucky
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