5 Weaker DC Characters Who Could Defeat The Hulk


The key word here is magic.

Hulk has shown a decent level of magic resistance in the past, but the fact is that what Zatanna wants to happen does happen - especially when it comes to the basic castings that would be required to stop the big green hero.


Classically, Zatanna's power has been the ability to make something happen by saying it - in a very basic form - backwards (although she has proven to be able to cast spells just as easily by speaking normally).

An absolutely stonewall example of why this would work on the Hulk is shown in the image below (click on it to enlarge it). There are a group of people who have been turned into pigs and what-not. Zatanna simply says "erotser rieht namuh smrof" ("restore their human forms") and they revert to being human.


She could say that exact same thing - or she could even just says "ecurB rennaB" ("Bruce Banner") - and the Hulk would revert to being a feeble scientist.

While that certainly isn't the only way Zatanna could beat the Hulk (you can use your imagination for countless ways she could do it), it is certainly the most obvious. Though the number of things she could say backwards is endless. "Send him to space", "turn him to stone", "turn him into a lollipop", "off with his head" or "calm this moron down", for example!


She could, for the record, protect herself by saying "shield" if, for some reason, her victory wasn't instant.