5 Best Batman TV Series

While Superman may have preceded him in the world of DC Comics, Batman has arguably achieved even greater popularity than the Man of Steel himself. Bob Kane and Bill Finger's masked protector of Gotham City has a long-standing history in pop culture, with the highest-grossing solo superhero film franchise in history. In addition, the Dark Knight has been at the center of countless television series that have explored the character's colorful rogues gallery and tortured psyche in vastly different ways. Here are the five best characters to bring Batman to the small screen.

Batman (1966-1968)

Burt Ward and Adam West in Batman Burt Ward and Adam West in Batman

For many decades, this campy William Dozier series was the most widely recognized version of Batman. With Adam West hamming it up as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward capably becoming Robin the "boy wonder", the show took a comic approach to its tights-wearing heroes and gimmicky baddies. From ridiculous one-liners to graphics highlighting every "BAM!" and "POW!" of its action scenes, Batman proved that comic books were brimming with mainstream potential, even if the character of Batman himself would ultimately be considered far darker in subsequent adaptations. Dozier's series also spawned the first full-length feature starring the Caped Crusader, and while the show may seem antiquated to today's Bat-fans, it remains an integral part of the character's history and a fun reminder that the escapist exploits of comic book heroes can be depicted in a vast number of ways while still remaining true to the source material.