17 Most Powerful Characters (By Feats) in the MCU to Date

Now that Phase Three of the franchise is officially under way, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at the powers displayed by the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

Heroes and villains of varying power levels have been coming and going in the MCU for eight years now - and it's always good to talk about who's the most powerful, based on the powers they've actually displayed.

Characters like Odin and Thanos really SHOULD be on this list, but the fact is that they haven't yet displayed the kind of power required to be on it (it should also be noted that we don't consider things like the Destroyer Armor to be a "character", that we'll be measuring characters at their base levels rather than with power-ups, and that we'll be focusing on movies and major characters only here, for the sake of argument).

On that note, here are the seventeen most powerful characters (by feats) in the MCU to date.

Captain America

Captain America. Source: Marvel Studios Captain America. Source: Marvel Studios

Considering he's meant to merely be at the peak of human physical conditioning and isn't meant to possess any superpowers, the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Captain America sure has some crazy feats to his name and edges out a number of other characters to make this list.

The most impressive thing about Captain America is his strength. He has done things like thrown a motorcycle as a projectile weapon, prevented a helicopter from taking off with his own body, and gone toe-to-toe with Iron Man and Spider-Man in physical tussles (he even managed to out-muscle the latter, who proved himself to be incredibly strong, but hasn't quite matured into someone powerful enough to make this list yet).

Captain America is also extremely durable - able to take shots from super-strong foes and various projectile weapons. He is also agile and surprisingly quick, but his secret weapon is his indestructible shield, which blocks all forms of attack and can be used skilfully as a projectile weapon itself.

Now let's move onto our first space-based character on this list.