10 Worst Costumes in  Superhero Comics

There are a lot of great, fantastic superhero costumes. A lot of sleek, well-designed, elegant costumes. But then again, there are also a ton of really godawful costumes that no one asked for, wanted, or liked looking at. So here’s a nice breakdown of the worst things a major superhero ever wore. Most of them are from the same five-year period, though, so you know what to look out for.

Also: I tried to keep it to costumes worn by major characters to keep it interesting. No one really cares how dumb Hemo-Goblin’s costume was.

Source: forums.marvelheroes.com

10. "Big M" Magneto

Look, Magneto has a pretty fantastic lineup of costumes, and he's almost always been seen wearing some pretty stylish threads. This is the exception.

Where do we start? Losing the red and opting for straight purple takes away his distinctiveness and also removes the whole “mutant devil” look to him. The lack of a helmet is a HUGE mistake, and one that breaks the costume completely. I mean, he just comes off looking extremely generic without that bucket on his head.

Then we have elbow-high opera gloves, which look goofy on female characters and downright absurd on male ones. And he has a tunic? Like, who pitched that as a concept? Of course, we also have the big-ass M smack-dab in the center of his chest, in case you (or he, I guess, for that matter) forget his name for thirty seconds.

I’ll talk about over-complexity later, but this is a good example of over-simplification.