10 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants

Source: neogaf.com

8. Elixir

Omega Level Mutant

Josh Foley was a young teen boy who succumbed to a pastime engaged in by a depressing amount of teen boys: hardcore bigotry.

Josh joined the Reavers, a group devoted to murdering Mutants. He soon discovered that, OMG, he was in fact one of those Mutants. Crazy, that. He was picked up by some New Mutants, disowned by his parents, and joined up with the New X-Men. After a crisis, Josh used his healing powers on himself to save his own life. As a side effect, his skin turned bright gold.

He has been shown to be able to cure diseases, bring people back from the brink of death, and even regrow a heart from nearly nothing. The dude’s impressive as hell. Oh, and he can also bring people back from the dead. Including himself. Yes, Mutant Jesus is here, and we should fear him. He also has a straight-up death touch.

Power Level: Cannot die, but can sure as hell kill. We all must fear his wrath.