10 Most Powerful Marvel Mutants

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People seem to love power rankings, and no one loves "˜em more than Marvel. Ever since the official handbook, Marvel's been assigning power levels to their characters. And one of their favorite ways to do it is with Mutant classifications. There have been multiple detailed systems of Mutant classification over the years. So here are numerous examples of Omega Level Mutants. The ones Marvel has decided are the strongest and most fearsome. Fair warning: I'm using Marvel's own scale, not my opinions, so some of these choices may surprise you.

                                                       Source: screenrant.com

10. Legion

Omega Level Mutant

Well, with his FX show about to enter a second season (and the first season is still sitting on my To-Watch list; I'll get to it soon, I promise), I figure I should talk about David Haller, aka Legion.

While in Israel, Professor Charles Xavier had a torrid affair with Gabrielle Haller that, unbeknownst to the professor, resulted in a child. Gabrielle was a diplomat for Israel, so she and David and David's stepfather, Daniel, moved around a bunch. While they were in Paris, a terrorist assassination squad broke in and killed Daniel in front of David. This trauma triggered David's latent superpowers. Using his mind control abilities, he killed the entire squad, and absorbed their leader's mind into his own before passing out from the horror.

When David awakened, he’d developed a new facet to his mind. It had split into multiple personalities, each with its own mental superpower. Because of this, Legion is capable of an endless number of superpowers, including time manipulation, reality warping, speed, strength, and whatever else you can think of.

Power Level: Crazy Powerful. Sorry, typo, let me try that again.

Power Level: Crazy, Powerful

                                                       Source: screenrant.com

9. Professor X

Omega Level Mutant

Charles Xavier was the son of Dr. Brian Xavier and Sharon Xavier. He was born after trying to psychic-murder his literal evil twin in the womb. Comics are weird. Brian accidentally died, and Sharon remarried Dr. Kurt Marko, and adopted his son Cain.

Really, Stan? You gave Prof X an evil brother, and you named him Cain? You are better than this.

Cain hated Charles, and went off to try to discover a way to beat him by enlisting to fight in the Korean War. Charles joined him, and witnessed Cain’s apparent death as he tried to recover a magic ruby. Cain would later return as the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Charles would eventually meet Max Eisenhardt, at that point going by the name Erik Lehnsherr, with whom he would form a great friendship. Erik and Charles bonded over their Mutant powers, but disagreed on how to best help Mutantkind. Xavier used his mental powers to gather a team of Mutants to fight evil, and Erik used his magnet powers to become a crazy Mutant terrorist. Charles has died and come back, and lost his ability to walk and gained it back, like infinity times since then.

Power Level: Well, he's an insanely powerful telepath and can control people’s minds, but I mean, how great is that – PROFESSOR XAVIER IS THE BEST AND MOST POWERFUL MUTANT, AND HE'S VERY ATTRACTIVE, EVEN THOUGH HE IS BALD. IT’S A DISTINGUISHED LOOK; LEAVE ME ALONE.

Source: neogaf.com

8. Elixir

Omega Level Mutant

Josh Foley was a young teen boy who succumbed to a pastime engaged in by a depressing amount of teen boys: hardcore bigotry.

Josh joined the Reavers, a group devoted to murdering Mutants. He soon discovered that, OMG, he was in fact one of those Mutants. Crazy, that. He was picked up by some New Mutants, disowned by his parents, and joined up with the New X-Men. After a crisis, Josh used his healing powers on himself to save his own life. As a side effect, his skin turned bright gold.

He has been shown to be able to cure diseases, bring people back from the brink of death, and even regrow a heart from nearly nothing. The dude's impressive as hell. Oh, and he can also bring people back from the dead. Including himself. Yes, Mutant Jesus is here, and we should fear him. He also has a straight-up death touch.

Power Level: Cannot die, but can sure as hell kill. We all must fear his wrath.

                                                          Source: nerdist.com

7. Iceman

Omega Level Mutant

I know. I'M SURPRISED, TOO. But Bobby Drake is a canonical Omega Level Mutant.

Admittedly, Bobby is only one of the most powerful Mutants IN THEORY, as he hasn't yet cracked his full potential. He has gotten close, though. When Emma Frost took control of Bobby, she was able to unleash a massive amount of power. Psylocke was also able to get some serious ice powers going for him.

Alternate future versions of Iceman have also exhibited crazy abilities. The alternate future Bobby of Battle for the Atom was able to create sentient living beings out of ice, and his Ice Hulk became a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Granting sentience to solid ice is a godlike ability, and our Bobby has come close, especially with his ability to create ice clones. In addition, Bobby is maybe my favorite X-Man, and is by far the best original team member. He's just a likable dude with cool powers, and some crazy power waiting for him to tap into it.

Power Level: This popsicle has potential.

                                                     Source: marvel.wikia.com

6. Quentin Quire

Omega Level Mutant

After the initial events in Genosha, the Xavier School welcomed Quintavius Quirinius Quire. Going by the name Quentin, he came into his own as the school's resident troublemaker and future badass protector.

Quire is Phoenix host capable, and, if that Battle for the Atom future is to be believed, it’s his destiny. He's also capable of powerful telepathy, astral projection, and creating weapons with psionics. He's most commonly manifested a shotgun, but once, during the widespread invasion of earth that occurred in Infinity, he successfully manifested a rocket launcher.

Quire is at his best in Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo's Wolverine and the X-Men run, which is fan-friggin-tastic. He's snarky and mean, but he has a core of caring deep in his heart. Watching him figure out who he wants to be is a great character arc in a great book. A lotta people do not like Quire, but I always did. I guess he's just one divisive guy.

Power Level: A punk, but a punk with Phoenix Force abilities.

                                                      Source: wallinsider.com

5. Jean Grey

Omega Level Mutant

Keep in mind that we're talking about Jean on her own, not necessarily Phoenix Jean. Phoenix Jean is arguably the most powerful character on this list, but not because of her Mutant powers.

Plus, thanks to retcons, the Jean who was Phoenix was maybe not Jean at all? Thanks, John Byrne! That sentence felt weird to type. But regular ol' Jean is still pretty powerful in her own right. She's maaaaybe the most powerful telepath in the Marvel Universe, depending on which BS metric you're judging and what the writer needs to be true for his/her story to work. The other thing keeping Jean from being number one on this list is how often she dies.

She's died like four times, solidly. And come back from the dead twice. She's like Double Jesus. Jean has advanced telepathy and telekinesis, and a lot of astral and mind powers. Look, the lady's Marvel Wiki page lists one of her powers as Cosmic Pyrokinesis. That sounds pretty scary.

Power Level: Do not get in her way, unless this is the one of the 32 weeks out of the year when she's dead.

                                                      Source: wonderslist.com

4. Vulcan


That’s right, folks. The rest of the characters on this list are BEYOND OMEGA LEVEL.

Boy, if you thought Cyclops was kind of a boring character, wait until you meet his brother!! No, not Havok. Havok is cool.

You see, the Summers parents were abducted by aliens before they shoved their two children out of the plane to safety. Huh. S-a-f-e-t-y. Weird way to spell almost certain death, but to each his own. So, when The Summerses were abducted, Katherine Summers was pregnant with another child. The child, Gabriel Summers, was raised by the Shi'ar and sent back to earth.

When Krakoa the Living Island kidnapped the original X-Men, Professor Xavier recruited a new team of X-Men to go and save the original squad. Vulcan was recruited as part of the team – leader, in fact. The entire team was killed, only managing to save Cyclops before being decimated. Vulcan survived in secret, however, and was shot into space with the rest of Krakoa by the newly formed Uncanny X-Men. Years later, he returned to Earth, where he menaced the X-Men for some time.

Power Level: Described as Past Omega Level by Professor X. So that's pretty serious business.

                                                              Source: io9.com

3. Franklin Richards


Shocking! Right? Franklin isn't supposed to be on a list of X-Men characters, he's Fantastic Four, through and through. But the first born of the first family IS a Past-Omega Level Mutant, and he has some crazy powerful abilities.

Franklin was born the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm-Richards. As a young boy, he began to develop Mutant powers. This is especially shocking, given that most Mutants don't develop powers until puberty. When the being known as Onslaught attacked, he was eventually pushed back, and the combined forces of the X-Men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four destroyed him. In the final conflict, the FF and Avengers seemed to die in combat, but in reality, Franklin used his frankly godlike powers to tear them from reality and place them in a pocket reality that he created.

So, like that spooky Billy Mumy character from The Twilight Zone, but a good guy. In this other reality, later labeled Counter Earth, the heroes had completely different lives that were much worse written and occasionally worse drawn.

Power Level: If God were a twelve-year-old with better-than-average impulse control.

                                                        Source: marvunapp.com

2. Mr. M


Absolon Mercator, aka Mr. M, is one freaky powerful dude.

As a young Belgian boy, his powers were activated when he witnessed his young cousin being bullied. His response was to turn the bully inside out. That's horrifying. Mercator eventually took up residence in Mutant Town, a haven for Mutants, but he was incensed at some of the behaviors therein. So he decided to annihilate M-Town. He was defeated, arrested, released, and shot through the head. Oh, but his powers saved his life, and rebuilt his brain.

He survived the widespread depowering of M-Day, and became far more powerful and godlike. The 198, the remaining powered Mutants encamped at the Xavier mansion, idolized him as a man of the people. Before one of his own followers killed him, he led his sect out and into their own promised land. After he was entombed, his body disappeared, with no definitive answer to what happened. But his reality-warping powers suggested that he resurrected yet again.

Power Level: He may be immortal, but he creeps me the hell out.

                                               Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

1. Matthew Malloy


Who? Yeah, I know, it's not super satisfying to see someone in the Number One slot and not recognize them, but Matthew Malloy is canonically Marvel's most powerful Mutant.

When discovered, he was said to be the most powerful Mutant signature Cerebro ever recorded. Matt had a hard beginning. His wife was killed in front of him by a Skrull invader during the Secret Invasion. After he went to live with his sister, his powers activated, and he annihilated everything around him. SHIELD dispatched a drone to see what was up with him, but he started getting agitated. Cyclops and Magik arrived to recruit him into the X-Men, but a SHIELD airstrike killed all three of them.

Matt reconstituted himself at the Jean Grey School, where he reacted to Emma Frost's attempts to calm him down by killing her. To stop his rampage, Tempus used her abilities to travel back in time. She prevented Matthew's parents from meeting, and erased him from existence. And that's what puts Matthew at Number One. Not his energy output that can level countries, not his reality and space-warping immortality, not his infinite telepathy, but the fact that he's the only Mutant so powerful that he couldn't be allowed to exist.

Power Level: Too powerful.

And there you have it, the ten most powerful Mutants, according to Marvel's own classification system. Like it, don't like it, have an issue with it? Let me know.

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