10 Forgotten DC Comics Crossovers

Comic books have a lot of events. A LOT of events. Honestly, maybe too many. But with that many big crazy series of insane circumstances, of course there will be some that no one remembers and some that had no lasting influence. So I wanted to list a whole bunch of those!

Now, here are the criteria: It must be a labeled event, meaning some kind of promotional material calling it such. It also has to be a crossover with either one main miniseries OR a crossover between multiple series. It must be a crossover between at least two ongoing books, but it doesn't necessarily need to feature multiple characters. This means that crossovers between the different Superman or Batman titles are eligible. Okay, with that out of the way, here we go!

Source: dc.wikia.com

10. Millennium

In Millennium, a Guardian and a Zamaron show up to pick random people to give superpowers to and make into the next generation of perfect humans, who are supposed to breed or whatever.

But The Manhunters don’t want that, so they activate their sleeper agents, who’ve been living among various superheroes forever. In the tie-ins, the DC heroes realize that some of their closest friends are secretly Manhunters. These include Justice League International member Rocket Red 7; Wally West’s dad, Rudy West; and Booster Gold’s manager, Dirk Davis.

So yeah, Wally West’s dad was an alien robot. As was Manhunter’s granddaughter. It was like Marvel’s Secret Invasion, only not as good.

Lasting Impact: This event launched the New Guardians series, which you don’t need to read (and really shouldn’t). Also, it reveals that a bunch of people were evil robots, although like half of those have been retconned. So yeah, nothing really.